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Genre: Activism

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    EngageMedia is a website distributing social justice and environmental video from the Asia-Pacific. It is a space for critical documentary, fiction, artistic and experimental works.

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    VISIONonTV will promote the radical and the daft, the serious and the comic, and possibly even sports (but with an eco-slant). VISIONonTV will show the best direct action, the latest progressive technology, we reviews festivals and showcase alternative film and music. On top of all that we provide the news you don't see on the news from around the world. This is a nonprofit project and we consider all outreach films so please get in touch.. You need more than eyes to see, You need vision on TV.

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    Wissen macht Ah!

    'Wissen macht Ah!' versorgt Klugscheißer - und alle, die es werden wollen - mit dem gewissen Ah!, das Besserwisser vor Neid erblassen lässt. Shary Reeves und Ralph Caspers präsentieren das etwas andere TV-Magazin "Wissen macht Ah!" jede Woche im Ersten und regelmäßig im KI.KA.

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    Greenpeace UK

    Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

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    The Alex Jones Show

    The RSS feed for listening to the daily Alex Jones Show. There is no video with this channel, but as audio only it is great to be able to play it in Democracy and then minimize to the tray while you do other things on or off line.

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    Talkshow mit dem schillernsten und populärsten Talkmaster der Schweiz Kurt Aeschbacher. 1mal Wöchentlich diskutiert er mit interessanten Gästen über Schicksale, Geschichten und Menschliches. ! Schweizerdeutsch !

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    Insane Films

    Eclectic news, underground films, Advice from Drag Queens, weird weird stuff and other things you'll if you aren't right.

  • TechMission Urban Ministry and Community Development Videos

    TechMission and partners bring you inspirational sermons and training workshops on community development, urban ministry, reconciliation, social justice, online safety, and faith-based service.

  • Hello Cool World

    Videos uploaded by hellocoolworld hosted at

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    Burma Issues

    Burma Issues is a non-profit organisation, made up of young ethnic people from Eastern Burma who now dedicate their lives to educating and empowering the grassroots communities in Eastern Burma, documenting human rights abuses and acting as a bridge between the grassroots communities and the international community.