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    New Fashion Videos. Fashion Designers. Which one is Haute? Top Models. Interviews. Make-up and Backstage Beauty. What's hot this season? Get all of fashion here.

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    Robert Wright, Mickey Kaus and friends talk about the issues of the day. Go to for video and for more information.

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    Value & Momentum - GMC Stock Picks

    Looking for quality stock tips? At Value & Momentum - GMC Stock Tips, we may or may not be talking about Apple. We may or may not be talking about Google. We may or may not be talking about Disney. However, since we use a comprehensive review process screening over 6,000 stocks weekly, we will be talking about timely investment opportunities. So you may often hear the name of a company you haven't heard of before. And you know what? That is often the best kind of opportunity - an opportunity to get in early before the investing masses. GMC Stock Picks is new on the block. This podcast is an outgrowth of what its founder and initial backers plan to eventually commercialize into an investment management business - a set of self-developed algorithms that screen over 6,000 stocks on a weekly basis to find quality investment opportunities. We do not look at penny stocks - only companies with at least a 5 year operating history and trading on the major exchanges. We look for undervalued and overvalued opportunities based an (1) an individual stocks' history, (2) an individual stocks' outlook, and (3) overall market conditions. As the podcast title states, we look for Value and Momentum. We use the same format each week. Over time we hope that this will help you appreciate our process as well as adopt a well structured analysis process of your own choosing. The background and experience of our founder is hands down top notch: . Subscribe to our Saturday morning newsletter at . Subscribe to our podcast. Write us a review.

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    iSkateboard VIDcast

    iSkateboard Vidcast is a bi-weekly video podcast about the Dutch skateboard scene. Every issue we take a fresh look at events that happend that week. No events.... well skateboarding is more than just riding on your board, Music, DVD, riders, product, skatepark reviews... as long there is a link we cast it. You maybe also like the iSnowboard Vidcast.

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    Dr. Bill.TV - Video Netcasts

    Dr. Bill has well over thirty years of experience as a computer professional, and is a System Engineer. He manages both Microsoft Windows and Open Source Linux servers, professionally, and has a particular dedication to the Open Source movement. He believes that the best software, as well as the humans that use it, should be free! He is a system and network engineer, and loves "Geek Culture!" His blog is, "Dr. Bill: The Computer Curmudgeon."

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    The Wood Whisperer (HD)

    Education and entertainment for the modern woodworker.

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    Skigner fichennoù video hag aodio e brezhoneg. We want to give every Breton the opportunity to hear their language.

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    Bergische Universität Wuppertal

    Beiträge an und von der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal Interview mit Herrn Dr. Martin Hebler Martin Hebler ist Geschäftsführer des Technologiezentrum Wuppertal W-tec. Im Interview erläutert er Maßnahmen für Existenzgründer und gibt eine Einschätzung für Gründungschancen in der Bergischen Region. Link zu bizeps