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    FAIL Blog

    Fail, Owned and Pwn moments in video. Share fails, pwns, and owns with the world.

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    Actor and broadcaster Robert Llewellyn's YouTube channel, featuring clips from his forthcoming motorised talk show 'Car Pool'.

  • News to Use

    Videos focusing on environmental sustainability, health and fitness, personal finance / investments, higher education and random bits of genius.

  • Videos uploaded by OnHarvardTime

    Hardvard's Comedy News Source.

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    Friday Night Cranks

    Every week from 9-11pm, Friday Night Cranks makes hilarious prank calls LIVE from their website. After the show each week FNC will post the funniest pranks onto this podcast. Subscribe and watch the newest calls, and exclusive videos as soon as they are posted. Friday Night Cranks prank call Shirley Phelps, one of the head members of the Westboro baptist Church. She thinks she is being called for an interview for a fake magazine we made up when we emailed her prior to the broadcast.

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    Nurse Jackie

    Three-time Emmy® winner Edie Falco stars in the new Showtime Original Comedy Series NURSE JACKIE. Don't miss this bitingly funny new series, NURSE JACKIE, starting Monday, June 8 at 10:30 PM (ET/PT) after the hit series WEEDS - only on SHOWTIME.

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    Two brothers who reconnected via YouTube and now connect with hundreds of thousands of awesome people every day.

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    The FuMP - The Funny Music Project

    Free funny songs twice a week!

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    Brother's Keeper

    An English professor and single father adjusts to living with his immature football-player brother.

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    The Bob Newhart Show

    Bob Newhart is Dr. Robert Hartley, a Chicago psychologist living with his schoolteacher wife Emily.

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    Best of Penn Says

    WTF!? You better believe magician Penn Jillete's got something to say about that?

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    Best of 60 Frames

    Enjoy original internet programming with the Best of 60 Frames.

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    Lieutenant Governor Benson DuBois has a lot on his plate! Besides keeping the bumbling Governor Gatling out of trouble, he must also contend with pompous aide Clayton and acerbic maid Krause!

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    Barney Miller

    Situation comedy about a New York City's precinct captain and his multi-ethnic band of officers. The series won several Emmy Awards including Outstanding Comedy Series.

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    Back To You

    Egotistical TV anchorman Chuck Darling returns to his former Pittsburgh station after a fall from grace, reuniting with former co-anchor Kelly Carr.

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    Crank Yankers

    In Yankerville, it’s all about crank calls. Celebrity-voiced puppets created by Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and their comic friends infuriate their neighbors with outrageous calls.

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    Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen

    Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen, A Unique, Hilarious, Comedy Talk Show With the World Funniest Comedians

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    Comedy Gumbo

    Mix 2 parts wacky with 3 parts hilarious and you've got the newest creation from comedy team of Sean Becker and Payman Benz. Finally a sketch show for those who don't have time to watch sketch shows.