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  • L'Agora des Savoirs

    Lancée il y a 4 ans par la Ville de Montpellier, avec l’aide d’un conseil scientifique composé d’une vingtaine d’universitaires montpelliérains, l’Agora des savoirs est une grande manifestation populaire axée sur la diffusion et le partage des connaissances scientifiques et des dernières avancées de la recherche. Ouverte à tous et gratuite, elle met en lumière le rôle si nécessaire du chercheur dans nos sociétés, et souhaite contribuer à faire connaître les différentes disciplines du savoir humain. Chaque saison débute le premier mercredi de novembre et s’achève fin mai, début juin. Les conférences ont lieu chaque mercredi, devant plus de quatre cents personnes, à 20h30, au Centre Rabelais sur l’Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle. Une initiative de la ville de Montpellier en partenariat avec : Sauramp’s, la maison des sciences de l’homme de Montpellier, Direct Montpellier Plus, Divergence FM, Les Universités Montpellier I, II et III, et le Lycée Joffre.

  • Les chros d’Olivier Nottale

    revue de presse, politique internationale ou nationale par Olivier Notale sur Divergence FM, Radio Libre de Montpellier

  • Enemy Slime

    Every week the members of Enemy Slime sit down to talk in-depth about video games, life, and love. Mostly video games though.

  • Quai du Blues

    La nouvelles émission de blues de Divergence FM. Du blues du Delta au blues de Chicago , sans oublier le blues européen et français, 1/2 heure de découvertes et redécouvertes du blues sous toutes ses facettes à partager avec Gérard.

  • Monomania

    O Podcast mais louco da internet.

  • Vagina Chronicles Podcast

    Breaking the silence on women's issues: sexism, sexual abuse, harassment and many more. Toinette Vizard and Angela Stoner tackle issues surrounding women and gender inequality with passion and wit. These fierce ladies will inspire you to join them in their mission to break the silence and amplify women's voices for equality across the globe. To join a community of like-minded women and receive great resources and tips, visit

  • The Witching Hours

    What happens when the clock ticks past midnight? What causes the inexplicable and supernatural to become all too logical and real? What is hiding just in the corner of your eye, just out of sight? What are THE WITCHING HOURS? THE WITCHING HOURS is an anthology of eerie audio dramas, in the mould of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, BLACK MIRROR and THE OUTER LIMITS. Created by award-winning playwright Uther Dean and produced by the theatre company My Accomplice that Uther runs with his friends Hannah and Paul. This is their first podcast. We record them live at the wonderful BATS theatre and couldn’t do it without the Creative Communities funding support from Wellington City Council and Creative New Zealand.

  • Haialarm-Podcast

    Christoph, Jörn und Hai Bruno sprechen über Haifilme

  • The Vodka Press

    The Vodka Press is a women-run, curious-person-oriented podcast putting another hub for cultural conversation on the map. The show covers a span of topics, including (but not limited to): pop culture, relationships, technology, careers, health, women’s issues, and other trend-worthy tidbits. Hosted by TVP founders Kit Bangles, Karly Kingsley, and Zoe Grimm, The Vodka Press podcast is a highball of themed discussions laced with whimsy and the occasional spritz of mayhem. New episodes will be published every Friday morning.

  • The Struggling Archaeologist's Guide to Getting Dirty

    Humble Musings from an Archaeological misfit. We talk about the academic world as well as topics and news stories from history, archaeology, and anthropology. Then I usually sing and joke around for a bit to ensure retention. Seriously you guys, I'm really funny...