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    Gardening Australia

    Peter Cundle's popular weekly gardening program

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    CNN Student News (video)

    CNN Student News utilizes CNN's worldwide resources to bring each day's top news stories to middle and high school classrooms. The 10-minute, commercial-free program encourages student participation and provides classes with context for understanding current events. Buckle up for our latest summer Webcast, where we focus on teen driving and dispel a few popular gas mileage myths.

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    The Wood Whisperer (HD)

    Education and entertainment for the modern woodworker.

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    Digital Photography Tips from the Top Floor (iPhone/AppleTV/Audio)

    Short and sweet - with non-techy tips that you can put to use immediately. Covers everything from image composition to post processing. No matter if you use a digital point-and-shoot or an expensive digital SLR. With a good sense of humour, Chris Marquardt manages to convey tips for the beginner as well as the professional photographer Today is the first show in a short series about studio photography. Part 1: Basics on studio strobes » Download high quality video Links for this episode: Check out what the TFTTF Library has to say about studio lighting Photos from the TFTTF Workshop #2 are starting to appear on Flickr here and here. Promo codes / Coupon code: Use promo code [...]

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    Agnosys - Grand Public

    Un podcast conçu pour toutes les personnes souhaitant utiliser plus efficacement leur Macintosh au quotidien. La connaissance de l’interface graphique de Mac OS X, du clavier et de la souris est suffisante pour la compréhension des sujets abordés. Tous les épisodes sont présentés par des formateurs certifiés Apple. Au cours de ce podcast, nous verrons comment le contrôle parental permet, entre autres, de mettre en place un accès limité aux éléments de votre disque dur, de restreindre les accès des personnes à vos disques et à vos applications. Il convient également parfaitement aux personnes qui ont seulement besoin d'utiliser quelques applications ou quelques documents, comme les enfants.

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    5min : recently added

    You can learn everything in 5 minutes, an this is from the site with same name (

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    TED Theme: How the Mind Works

    At a conference about ideas, it’s important to step back and consider the engine that creates them: the human mind. How exactly does the brain -- a three-pound snarl of electrochemically frantic nervous tissue -- create inspired inventions, the feeling of hunger, the experience of beauty, or the sense of self -- and how reliable is it? Dan Dennett contemplates the mind as an ecosystem in which a new class of entities -- memes -- can compete, coexist, reproduce and flourish, and asks what sorts of nefarious things these entities might be up to. An enthusiastic Dan Gilbert presents his new research on the peculiar, counterintuitive -- and perhaps a smidge deflating -- secret to happiness. And Jeff Hawkins explains why a napkin-sized sheaf of cellular matter, wrinkled into a ball, will fundamentally change the direction of the computer industry.

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    TED Theme: A Greener Future?

    The environmental debate has traditionally been characterized as a conflict between economic progress and preservation of the planet. Most TED speakers, however, insist that we can have both -- provided we're smart about it. Al Gore, the world's leading voice on the climate crisis, argues that the simple steps we might take to avert disaster would also fuel the economy. Architect William McDonough shows how the power of great design -- working on entire systems rather th