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Genre: Environment

  • Unep and You

    UNEP provides leadership and encourages partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and its people to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

  • HD Educational Films

    Through travel to non-profit organizations all over the world -- from Darfur to the Arctic, New Orleans to Tibet -- explore personalizes philanthropy and rediscovers the human element. See how courageous NGO leaders are making a difference and hear their awe-inspiring stories at EXPLORE.ORG, an online collection of short documentary films and photography.

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    AAPG Video Vault

    The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) is the worlds largest professional geological society, advocating for interests of members worldwide, including CEOs, managers, directors, independent/consulting geoscientists, federal and State regulators, educators, researchers and students.

  • Carnets de campagne

    france Inter - Carnet de campagne

  • Gardeners' Corner

    Get all the gardening advice you need for every month of the year from the experts in our Gardeners’ Corner download. Presenter Cherrie McIlwaine and her panel of experts answer your queries from their many years of experience. This podcast is packed with gardening hints and tips in a compact thirty minute episode.

  • France5 - Silence ca pousse !

    Chaque semaine, le magazine Silence, ça pousse ! propose 26 minutes d'immersion totale dans le monde du jardinage. De nombreux conseils pratiques y sont délivrés, avec humour et poésie, pour que jardiniers débutants comme spécialistes confirmés apprennent à choisir, soigner et choyer leurs plantes ou leurs cultures. Noëlle Bréham et Stéphane Marie dévoilent ainsi de manière concrète et originale tous les petits secrets des pros. Outre des séquences sur le potager, sur les jardins d'agrément (fleurs, arbres, plantes...) et sur l'art de vivre (cuisine, bouquet, décoration...), Silence, ça pousse ! propose de découvrir les jardins et forêts de France et part à la rencontre de passionnés. Dans la rubrique « Pas de panique », place aux conseils pour redonner bonne figure à un petit coin de nature délaissé.

  • Fully Charged

    Robert Llewellyn drives and discusses the latest electric vehicles. Llewllyn is a writer, actor and Broadcaster of many years experience. He has most recently started two video podcasts, 'CarPool' which is on iTunes, YouTube etc, and now 'Fully Charged' which is also available on as many platforms as possible.

  • Open Source Ecology

    The goal of Open Source Ecology is to build the world's first replicable, open source, self-sufficient village. The means of achieving that is an ecology, or ecosystem, of open source hardware and permaculture that works as an interconnected ecological whole to provide all needs - the Global Village Construction Set. However, the name implies much more than technology - for technology is merely a basis upon which social organization can happen, in harmony with its natural life support systems.

  • Environmental Defense Fund

    The Environmental Defense Fund believes that environmental progress and economic prosperity go hand-in-hand. They are non-partisan, and they partner with businesses, governments and citizens to find lasting solutions for the biggest environmental problems.

  • Eat Fresh Drink Local

    Eat Fresh Drink Local is a web and television series dedicated to exploring the gastronomic delights of food and wine regions. Using food and beverage pairing as a platform, the viewer is introduced to grass-root personalities, lush cuisine, rich history and compelling landscapes, as they unmask the bounty the area has to offer