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  • Let the Children Come Unto Me

    Our holy icons can become mere old-fashioned decorations to our children unless the stories of the Bible, Church history, and the Saints become our family stories. Only then can children grow deeper in their love of God and more mature in their lives in the Church. Fr. Noah Bushelli attempts to do just this in these live recordings of homilies to children of his parish about cooperating with God's love in the company of His saints.

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    The Deen Show

    The Deen Show is a Muslim film serves that strives to provide the correct information about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike from authentic sources which include The Quran and The Sunnah. We are not affiliated with any particular movement, sect, group, etc. We absolutely condemn in the strongest terms terrorism and any extremism done in the name of Islam and we refuse to associate ourselves with those who practice and condone such behavior and thoughts.

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    The Missing Dialogues

    In this show we discuss Ethics and Morals, along with controversial ideas that either currently happen in the news, or that we think would be important to elaborate upon.

  • Predigten Stadtmission Luzern

    Predigten der Stadtmission Luzern

  • Disciple Making Podcast

    Practical strategies for living out the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Focused on the Biblical text, we explore the powerful impact that comes by intentionally building reproducing, multiplying disciples with a heart to reach the whole world.

  • pray as you go

    Daily prayer for your MP3 player

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    Meditation with Sri Chinmoy

    Spiritual master and peace advocate SRI CHINMOY was born in East Bengal, India, on August 27, 1931. Since his early childhood he attained the state of God-realisation and was very active throughout his life. He gave university talks on divine subjects, composed thousands of spiritual songs, wrote around 1600 books (many of them consisting of poems), gave 777 peace concerts throughout the world, created thousands of “Jharna- Kala” artworks and millions of bird drawings. He was also a prolific sportsman, weight-lifter, founder of the “World Harmony Run” and promoter of ultra-distance running such as the largest race in the world, the 3100 mile run in New York City. Aged 76 he passed away on October 11, 2007 in Queens, New York. The videos in this Channel remember his presence on earth. The Channel is moderated by Kedar Misani, a photograher, videographer and blogger from Switzerland who is a student of Sri Chinmoy for the past 30 years. More of his videos on Sri Chinmoy on: View also his photoblog on Sri Chinmoy with daily updates: and the artblog with one new artwork presented every day:

  • Theology

    Dr. Philip Kariatlis explores the doctrines of the Church and their significance for everyday living.

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    Christian Music Digest

    Christian Music Digest: An Audio Newsletter is a show that features the latest news in the Christian music industry as well as artist interviews and album reviews. The show will offer you a peek into the lives of the artists you hear on the radio and maybe introduce you to some new artists as well.

  • Luces y Sombras

    Programa de Misterios y conspiraciones desde las Islas Canarias perteneciente a la parrilla de PCL Radio