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    Pallotti TV

    PallottiTV - Pallotyńskie Materiały Video. Pragniemy w tym miejscu dzielić się naszymi apostolskimi inicjatywami w formie video. Chcemy umieszczać ciekawe materiały, konferencje, sympozja, wywiady, relacje, informacje.

  • Spiritualism w/ JD

    Spiritualism w/ JD

  • Seldar

    Seldar lives in an altered state 24/7 in which he can see the beginning and ending of issues in your life. As an incredible emtional and physical healing, Seldar will give you insight on your personal issues. Visit to hear live show.

  • New World Kirtan

    Calming Chants For A Crazy World

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    Steve the Builder

    Steve Robinson is an Orthodox Christian living in Phoenix Arizona and owns his own construction company. Prior to becoming Orthodox, he was an evangelical pastor and church leader. More recently, he established one of the most popular Orthodox podcasts on the planet – Our Life in Christ – which he hosts with his friend Bill Gould. In this shorter podcast, Steve reflects on the practical side of being an Orthodox Christian working in a secular environment.

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    Singing the Triumphal Hymn

    The belief that God became Man and dwells among us in Jesus Christ is at the very heart of Christian life and worship. Orthodox worship, therefore, involves the whole person – heart, mind, body and soul. In our services of worship, Christians pray and sing in liturgies that are not of this world. This podcast explores the Orthodox faith through music and liturgy.

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    At the Intersection of East and West

    Many people today are at a crossroads of faith. Longing for roots, some have encountered Orthodox Christianity. This podcast is taken from a class taught by Dn. Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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    Wheat, Wine, and Oil

    This series of programs follows faith through the market to the kitchen and the family table.

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    Search the Scriptures

    Presvytera and Dr. Jeannie Constantinou guides us through Holy Scripture with the eyes of the Church Fathers.

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    Postcards from Greece

    Living the Christian Faith in the Church of Greece