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    NASA Goddard Shorts HD

    These HD videos share the work of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Goddard is home to the Nation's largest organization of combined scientists and engineers dedicated to learning and sharing their knowledge of the Earth, solar system, and Universe.

  • Stimmen der Kulturwissenschaften (SdK)

    Bei den Stimmen der Kulturwissenschaften kommen HistorikerInnen und KulturwissenschaftlerInnen zu Wort, die in ausführlichen Interviews ihre Forschungen vorstellen und erläutern.

  • Vie artificielle

    Tentative de présentation de la vie artificielle bien sur mais aussi de sujet connexes (évolution, biologie, singularité/post-humanisme, prospective...)

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    Első Pesti Egyetemi Rádió

    Az Elso Pesti Egyetemi Radio musorai / Programs by EPER University Radio, ELTE, Budapest, Hungary

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    60-Second Earth

    A weekly podcast discussing the science of the environment and the future of energy.

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    60-Second Mind

    Science news and technology updates from Scientific American

  • Reason 2 Believe Him Podcast

    Where Faith Meets Reason: Discussions about Faith and Reason, using Science and Bible History. Wife and mother, Former Teacher, Overcoming a Disability. My Website and blog is found at My poetry is at:

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    The Dumbasses Guide To Knowledge

    A show that analyzes interesting claims with a critical eye.

  • The Invisible Sky Monster Podcast

    Each episode I pick two interesting people in the skeptical community to have a chat about the issues that are on our minds.

  • Future Lab Radio

    Future Lab is a weekly online radio show devoted to technology research from Intel Labs, and its university and industry partners. The interviews introduce you to a range of fascinating people on the front lines of research in areas like computing, biology, anthropology, energy, automotive design, visual sensing, robotics, space exploration and more.