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    Rev3 Games

    All about Games from Revision3

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    Jovem nerd

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    Tech News Weekly (Video)

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    This is a podcast for nerds with a bad sense of humor. In the early episodes I would actually review anime, but these days we just talk about whatever comes up. UPDATE: We've been slowly working our way back to a format. Be sure to visit for more content.

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    Horse Armor Podcast - A Video Game Podcast

    Horse Armor brings humor to video game reviews and news. Every week we pick a current game or games to talk about in detail, giving our hard and truthful opinions. Be warned, Tom is prone to "nerd rages" and has no filter. If you want to comment on our podcasts or see what we do between podcasts check out our website at

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    Meti Heteor

    Podcast a geek kultúra kegytárgyai és szertartásai körül

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    The Adventuring Party

    Discussing table-top and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to. Episodes every Wednesday

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    Be Indie Now

    Everything you need to know about independent game development

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    Video Game Reviews... in Video.

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    Video Game Previews... in Video.