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Genre: Video Games

  • The Grey Area Podcast

    Advice and interviews on relationships between gamers. And introductions to various multi-player games from the experts.

  • Death D4 Dishonor

    A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast. Come join us as a group of friends play Thunderspire Labyrinth and laugh at our silly banter

  • All Things Good And Nerdy

    Your weekly source for all things good and nerdy. Check in to see what we are ranting about this week!

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    Horse Armor Podcast - A Video Game Podcast

    Horse Armor brings humor to video game reviews and news. Every week we pick a current game or games to talk about in detail, giving our hard and truthful opinions. Be warned, Tom is prone to "nerd rages" and has no filter. If you want to comment on our podcasts or see what we do between podcasts check out our website at

  • The KBMOD Podcast

    Keyboard + Mouse or Die! The official podcast! Hosted by Scott (Aplfisher), Dan (NipNops), Alex (SmashToBlack), Brandon (vol1tion), John (essinDEES), and Nick (Mr_NFEN). Expect PC centered gaming and technology discussion with a humorous twist only we can deliver.

  • Spiderduck Gaming - Spiderduck Network

    This is a podcast brought to you by Trevor Osz & Timmy Smith of the Spiderduck Network.They talk about the latest in games and game culture. They give their honest opinions whether they are good ones or not!

  • C&G Podcast

    A voice of Canadian Comics and Video Games Journalism

  • The Super Circuitcast!

    Games, Movies, Madness

  • The Show Radio Media

    The Show Radio Media, founded in 2009 is an independent online media site dedicated to tech and gaming community. Our goal besides a global audience is to have an impact on every single affiliate, partner and individual that we come in contact with online and offline. Essentially we are in it for effectual change through the flagship podcast and the relationships we build along the way. Because of the power of social media we are able to see who is qualified to be part of the team and our process for hiring anyone is far from mainstream. Trust, honesty, integrity, character and skilled conflict resolution are some of the characteristics that we look for in our potential team members because at the end of the day “we value our brand”. We believe that our brand will be represented well as long as we stay true to who we are. Because of the bar that we’ve set for ourselves, few are willing to associate with us and we like it that way. In our heart of hearts we are media enthusiasts who lose sleep just to enjoy the latest releases. We are gamers, who are spouses, brothers and sisters. We are gamers, who love the community and the industry. We are gamers who strive for excellence in every area of our lives.

  • Achievement Hounds Podcast

    A podcast all about achievements for the Xbox 360. Join moroniccow, EliteEDawg420, and Raviolicaponi each week for all your achievement insight!