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    "Learning to count" in 2 min

    "Learning to count" is an interactive documentary following youngsters that ...

    "Learning to count" is an interactive documentary following youngsters that decide how to spend public money for their school or their city in Europe. They are learning for a year by practicing democracyCast: Learning to countTags: participatory budgeting, portugal, france, UK, democracy and school

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    rekindle - waste wood into furniture

    Rekindle is a social enterprise that is on a mission ...

    Rekindle is a social enterprise that is on a mission to create a culture of zero waste wood in New Zealand. This vision is being driven by Juliet Arnott, an occupational therapist, who has combined her artistic and sustainable values with a belief in the therapeutic benefits that result when people use their hands to create something from nothing. Juliet believes that participation in this meaningful and creative work has the potential to transform lives, and the involvement of Christchurch youth forms an important part of her vision for Rekindle as it grows. To learn more about Rekindle, visit I heard Juliet speaking in Auckland at a ‘Green Drinks’ event, and was immediately captivated by the Rekindle idea and the visual beauty of the furniture. I decided to create this short documentary to help spread the Rekindle message. This is particularly important right now in Christchurch, with 6000 demolitions slated to happen over the next four years. Shot on a Canon 5DII & 60D, with Canon f4 24-105 and a collection of older nikon primes. Glidetrack slider, Lowel lights... edited with Final Cut Studio Enjoy the film, leave me a comment, and feel free to share the link or embed anywhere you like :) Ash dollarmixbag.comCast: Dollarmixbag / Ash RobinsonTags: rekindle, made by hand, waste wood furniture, recycled furniture, upcycled furniture, Juliet Arnott, Ash Robinson and dollarmixbag

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    Jolly Rovers - Appalachian Trail Stonework in New York

    Find our more about the Rovers at or on ...

    Find our more about the Rovers at or on Facebook at During the winter of 2012, volunteers of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference approached the Jolly Rovers to visit Appalachian Trail at Fitzgerald Falls in Greenwood Lake, NY. The trail over the falls had been worn away long ago and consisted of a 50 foot unstable scramble up a narrow chute. After a series of scouting trips the Rovers eagerly adopted the project; it’s most ambitious undertaking since the crew had launched a year earlier in 2011. Construction began in April of 2012 with a total of 4 three-day weekends scheduled to complete the job over the next 12 months. The project presented several big challenges. Quarries where stone could be split for steps were over 200 feet away from where they needed to be installed. Additionally, to move the 300-pound blocks of stone, the crew would have to install an extensive network of overhead highlines in the surrounding trees, allowing stones to be transferred from one line to another in order to accurately fly them into the narrow gorge. Further complications would include the extreme narrowness of the gorge itself in which the work had to be done, forcing crew members to be in very tight working quarters with little margin for error. The project was completed in May of 2013, with a total of 25 volunteers contributing over 1,100 hours of skilled labor. The ascent up the falls alone will come in at just under 60 stone steps with several sections supported by stone retaining walls; below it prior to the falls, three large step-stone crossings across streams were also installed. During each work trip there has never been a shortage of local students, families with their children and thru-hikers passing through. As always, seeing a project get used by such a wide variety of people is a huge reward, and in time, knowing that will be the case decades later for generations to come is the return that makes all the work worth it.Cast: Jolly Rovers Trail CrewTags: trail work, Appalachian Trail, stonework, A.T., trail crew, trail crews, stone steps, rock steps, Jolly Rovers, Trail Conference, Appalachian Trail Conservancy and National Park Service

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    SANTA (Joulupukki)

    En 1995, Jorge Juan Díaz Cabrera, natural de Torremolinos, participó ...

    En 1995, Jorge Juan Díaz Cabrera, natural de Torremolinos, participó en la Cumbre Mundial de Santa Claus celebrada en Ilulissat (Groenlandia) representando a España. Diecisiete años después, quiere convertirse en el primer Santa Claus español de la historia. Sigue los pasos de su épica historia en Firma la petición: Música créditos: CharoCast: Jorge Cosmen and Narita EstudioTags: Santa Claus, Papa Noel, navidad, Jorge Juan, Torremolinos, suomi and Joulupukki

    Dec 17, 2012 Read more
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    Science has given us everything from the Atom Bomb to ...

    Science has given us everything from the Atom Bomb to antibiotics, from aerosol to the Internet, creating knowledge and tools that have arguably hampered progress as much as they have facilitated it. Are scientists and their discoveries responsible for the mess we're in and can science offer a way out? Or do we all have a responsibility to take more of an interest in the research that is shaping the future of civilisation as know it? Researchers who are currently working on some of the fundamental, complex issues in science – from theoretical chemistry to geology, from psychology to planetary formation – discuss what it means to be a scientist in the 21st century in the first in a series of new revelatory films from the University of Bristol. To find out more visit Twitter: #SciFutureCast: Yoho MediaTags:

    Nov 20, 2012 Read more
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