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Lorenzo Marzocca

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    Userfarm Contest for Microsoft - "How close can the dream be?"

    "Powerful... as your energy. Light... as your wishes. How close ...

    "Powerful... as your energy. Light... as your wishes. How close can the dream be? Power and lightness. Beyond any imagination." This was made for a Userfarm contest in Italy, for the Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 . Video by Lorenzo Marzocca (author , director, fimer, water camera, editor) With Diego Giorgi Original Music - Barbara de Biasi Voice - Matteo Bartoli Speech Writers - Rossella Brindisi and Lorenzo Marzocca Camera Assistant and Sound Designer - Ivan Zanon Compositor - Alessio Pericò Voice Over recording and post production: Edoardo Verde Editor Assistant and Production Assistant - Antonella SabatinoCast: Lorenzo Marzocca, Antonella Sabatino and DinamoscopeTags: marzocca, sabatino, bartoli, de biasi, zanon, pericò, waves, onde, surf, brindisi, power, light, barrell, go pro, rome, ostia, italy, microsoft and contest

    Nov 10, 2014