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  • Legally Sound | Smart Business

    Business weekly podcast from a legal perspective.

  • Value & Momentum - GMC Stock Picks

    Looking for quality stock tips? At Value & Momentum - GMC Stock Tips, we may or may not be talking about Apple. We may or may not be talking about Google. We may or may not be talking about Disney. However, since we use a comprehensive review process screening over 6,000 stocks weekly, we will be talking about timely investment opportunities. So you may often hear the name of a company you haven't heard of before. And you know what? That is often the best kind of opportunity - an opportunity to get in early before the investing masses. GMC Stock Picks is new on the block. This podcast is an outgrowth of what its founder and initial backers plan to eventually commercialize into an investment management business - a set of self-developed algorithms that screen over 6,000 stocks on a weekly basis to find quality investment opportunities. We do not look at penny stocks - only companies with at least a 5 year operating history and trading on the major exchanges. We look for undervalued and overvalued opportunities based an (1) an individual stocks' history, (2) an individual stocks' outlook, and (3) overall market conditions. As the podcast title states, we look for Value and Momentum. We use the same format each week. Over time we hope that this will help you appreciate our process as well as adopt a well structured analysis process of your own choosing. The background and experience of our founder is hands down top notch: . Subscribe to our Saturday morning newsletter at . Subscribe to our podcast. Write us a review.

  • The Business Stylist® Podcast

    Debbie LaChusa is known as The Business Stylist® because she teaches coaches, consultants, and other service professionals how to package their services, how to brand themselves and their business, how to market, and how to sell with integrity. Every week, Debbie shares bite-sized marketing strategies to help busy service-based business professionals makeover (or design) their business, brand, and marketing so they “fit” them to a T and more effectively attract their ideal clients. The result? A more enjoyable, successful, and profitable business!

  • Listen, Money Matters!

    The hosts of the show take a whole new angle to personal finance by creating a unique dichotomy. Andrew, the creator of, is a young money-savvy personal finance expert with a no-bull approach to educating readers about how to properly manage their money and make it work for them. Matt, a self-proclaimed money idiot, plays the Oscar in this Odd Couple-esque pairing. Between the two of them, they make learning and listening about personal finance entertaining. Matt embodies the average listener. He shares stories of his woes with money management throughout his entire life, and actually learns from Andrew live on the podcast. Matt’s goal in 2013 was to become better with money, and Andrew was his saving grace. Matt asks Andrew questions while sharing his personal stories and stories from listeners. When Matt is confused, he tries to take Andrew’s advice and creates a story to help himself better understand it. This allows the listener to understand how Andrew’s expert advice can really make a difference, and Matt will be the proof of that. There are some key differences between the two hosts that allow them to cover a wide spectrum of topics. Andrew is a steady-job holding investor, who can budget like a mad genius. Matt is a self-employed fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants money manager. Together, they make understanding money easy, relatable and fun. Yes, fun.

  • Maximize Your Medicare Podcast

    Maximize Your Medicare Podcast. From the author of top-selling, top-rated Maximize Your Medicare (2014 Edition), available in print and ebook formats. Free information that Medicare beneficiaries, advisors, can use, in plain-spoken English that everyone can understand. Further information can be found online:

  • John Lagoudakis dot Com Podcast: Internet Marketing | Personal Development | Business

    Insider secrets to the world of Internet marketing, business, and personal development.

  • The Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast

    Wedding Business Marketing For Wedding Professionals Who Want More Freedom In Business

  • The Publishing Profits Podcast Show

    The #1 Show for Publishing Professionals

  • May We Help You Radio Network

    May We Help You?'s Radio Show will be your daily one stop entertainment network! Tune in throughout the week to hang out with our Host who will prepare you for Business and Entertainment, help you Spiritually with daily struggles, get you fit Mentally and Physically, Introduce you to the best Books Available, Provide you with Cooking Tips, Relationship Help, and have you dancing to the best music on air. Learn more at

  • Online Learning Podcast

    The Online Learning Podcast for Course Creators and Course Takers, Tips, Interviews, Free Course Recommendations and Exclusive Discounts, Every Week!