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  • tranquility du jour

    the girl-on-the-go's guide to living a mindfully extravagant lifestyle through do-gooding, creativity, yoga, style, and being fabulous. Ten tips for starting fall on the right foot

  • Mamaste Yoga

    Mamaste Yoga presents a monthly podcast from the headquarters in Oklahoma City. Episodes consist of yoga practice and yoga therapeutics for pregnancy. This practice consists of seated centering followed by neck and shoulder warmups. The following leg stretches are included: cat stretch, calf stretch, high lunge, and warrior one.

  • Mundo de los Microbios

    El Mundo de los Microbios es un programa educativo que consta de PodCasts semanales dirigidos a mejorar la comprension y apreciacion del rol vital que los microorganismos juegan en nuestro planeta y promover la microbiologia. El Mundo de los Microbios

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    Marathon Training Academy

    Listen as Angie shares her knowledge and experience as both a marathoner and registered nurse to help you run smarter, feel better, and go the distance. Whether you are a new runner or have logged many miles, Marathon Training Academy will propel you to the next level.

  • Maximise Your Potential

    Maximise YOUR Career, Business and Life Potential through listening to Motivating, Inspirational & Educational interviews from Within 'Career Potential' episodes, we cover subjects such as; job hunting, how to find a new job, writing effective resumes and cvs, job interview tips and advice, career development, career progression, how to increase your earnings and how to get promoted. Within our 'Business Potential' episodes, we interview people associated with subjects such as; how to start up a company, how to create a successful company, entrepreneurial businesses plus authors like Jim Collins (Built to Last, Good to Great). Within our 'Life Potential' episodes, we interview people associated with subjects such as; triathlon training, dance groups, nlp, positive thinking and much more. So, if you are seeking an interesting podcast to listen to, then download "Maximise Potential." Great interviews, interesting content - and make sure you listen to our complimentary music track from Xerxes at the end of every episode and if there is a subject that you would like us to devote an episode to, please just email us at

  • YOGAMOUR Yoga Video Podcast

    YOGAMOUR ist ideal für die Yoga-Praxis zwischendurch, zu Hause, oder auf Reisen. Die kostenlosen Yoga-Videos sind ca. 15 Minuten lang, und passen auch perfekt auf iPod & iPhone. 99% Praxis, 1% Theorie ... 100% Freude! Yogamour for Yogalovers

  • Ending The Sexual Dark Age

    Everything Your Parents Never Learned About Sex

  • The Power Hour

    The Power Hour with Joyce Riley

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    Busy Ladies

    Discussions on Women's issues and life from a personal and unique perspective. Busy Ladies takes on a unique view points with health, cooking, family and and daily life.

  • Neuropod

    The stories behind the hottest neuroscience research in the Nature Journals