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    Ubuntu UK Podcast - (MP3 feed)

    The Ubuntu UK Podcast is a bi-weekly family-friendly audio show. We feature interviews, discussion and news from around the Ubuntu world, with a UK perspective. Our show is available in various formats including high and low quality MP3 and OGG, and is also available on iTunes.

  • HD
    15 Ratings

    The Blender Show

    A Journal of Open Source Art

  • 1 Rating

    Rails Envy Podcast

    The Rails Envy Podcast

  • 8 Ratings


    Blog y Podcast dedicado al ocio y la tecnología.

  • 19 Ratings

    Linux Outlaws

    Open source talk with a serious attitude

  • 2 Ratings

    The Software Freedom Law Show

    Bi-Weekly Discussion of Legal Issues in the Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) World

  • 2 Ratings

    bsdtalk Ogg Vorbis feed

    Talking about the BSD family of free operating systems.

  • The xxuriahxx (uriyyah) show

    This show is about Technology, Video Games, Xbox, Xbox 360, Linux, Xbox Live, Microsoft, Playstation, Wii. Check our homepage for show times and join us at 347-994-2513.

  • KWTV Screencast & Knightcast Podcast

    n the edge of real and cyberspace ther is one place you can go. The Knightcast podcast : The everyday adventures of a modern day technofile, filled with tips, tricks, manuals and how-to's on how to tune technology into your everyday life and let tech work for you. All this and more using Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, Web2.0 sites, services and more to upgrade from geek to cyber-citizen. Real Technology for Real life !

  • 3 Ratings

    yayQuery - A jQuery Podcast

    yayQuery features regulars from the #jquery IRC channel talking about their experiences with jQuery and front-end development. Each podcast includes news from the front-end development community, jQuery patterns and anti-patterns, and more.