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  • Fort Wayne Speaks

    Showcasing local talent, professionals and everyday people doing exceptional things in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • Home Music Studio 1

    Home Recording Tips to Create Professional Audio on Any Size Budget.

  • HD
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    Pie Cubed Youtube

    Pie Cubed is a channel of interesting, insightful videos on a wide variety of topics such as geology, psychology, economics and more. New videos every thursday.

  • April Marie Vihilidal's Pod Cast

    Learn, Contemplate, Communicate and Expand Your Awareness Concerning Ancient Knowledge and Today's Modern Society. April Marie Vihilidal is an Archeo-astronomer. In 2012 she discovered the Archeo-astronomical find of the time, 'The Shadows on the Face of the Sphinx Phenomenon'. In 2012 she was awarded the prestigious Graham Hancock award for her Archeo-astronomical find using Google Earth and time lapse photography. Share her exciting journey as she links the knowledge of the very ancient past with the insights of post-modernity. Expand your consciousness and see time on the planet as cylindrical instead of linear. View the Sphinx smiling on the Summer Solstice utilizing Google Earth and time lapse photography.

  • Machine Court

    A scripted scifi comedy about a guy that is kidnapped by robots and forced to create a podcast. The robots run sessions of "Machine Court," where we play and critique people's answers to questions about technology and ethics. The show has got good writing, acting, music, and sound effects. Lots of jokes and silliness, yet it makes you think about the future. In the style of classic audio dramas like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  • The Poop Scoop Show

    The Poop Scoop Show is hosted by Dr. Christine Kaczmar. Dr. Christine is known as the Digestion Doctor and she brings this podcast to help answer all of your questions about diet, nutrition, I.B.S., constipation, etc.

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    Inspire your electronic dance music scene with the ultimate listening pleasure! Podcast features extensive guest appearances and highlights from Luxenburg Magazine's events. Ambassador of LUXENBURG - DJ & Producer AMURAI. Residents: Steve Kaetzel (LA), Amurai (LA), ItsNotAdam (Miami), Anish Anand (New Delhi), Vatche (Beirut). LUXENBURG is dashboard embedded via Stitcher Radio in over 50 GM, Ford, Mazda, BMW, MINI and Mercedes models. Podcast availability extends to iTunes, Zune, Xbox, MiroGuide and virtually all Android phones and tablets with doubleTwist. Brought to you by Luxenburg Magazine and Phunky London.

  • Round and Round Podcast Network

    This is the Premier Podcast Network for coma patients, foreigners looking to hear English, and independent leaning truck drivers with a taste for fine books and movie. We drive. We Talk. That’s about all we do, and we do it reasonably well. Join Travis and Kevin on a wonderful ride through some of New England’s finest roads, we simulate conversation as if you had friends. You probably don’t though, but we won’t judge you. We can’t. As you will see When you subscribe and/or download any one of our excellent podcasts, we are a podcast that probably shouldn’t throw stones at ANY glass houses. Warning; Kevin swears. A lot.

  • Talks About Tech Weekly Video

    A weekly tech podcast where the host Michael McAndrew talks about the weeks tech news.

  • Talks About Tech Weekly Audio

    Talks About Tech Weekly is a weekly tech podcast where the host Michael McAndrew talks about the weeks tech news.