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    Beyond Belief

    Debates exploring the place of religion and faith in today's complex world. Ernie Rea is joined every week by a multi-faith panel who discuss how their religious traditions affect their values and perspectives on a variety of topics, often revealing hidden and contradictory truths. In each programme guests listen to a personal story which challenges their point of view and forces them to place their faith and values within the context of real life experiences.

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    Radio 4 Choice

    The Radio 4 Choice podcast brings you our pick of the best of the week's documentaries on BBC Radio 4. A new episode is published every Friday and is available to download for 7 days.

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    Each week, Discovery takes an in-depth look at the most significant ideas, discoveries and trends in science, from the smallest microbe to the furthest corner of space.

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    Federalist Society Event Audio

    The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. This podcast feed contains audio files of Federalist Society panel discussions, debates, addresses, and other events related to law and public policy. Additional audio and video can be found at

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    Federalist Society SCOTUScast

    This audio broadcast series provides expert commentary on U.S. Supreme Court cases as they are argued and issued. To supplement our scholars' analysis, we provide brief descriptions of the issues in the cases. The Federalist Society takes no position on particular legal or public policy issues; all expressions of opinion are those of the speaker. We hope these broadcasts, like all of our programming, will serve to stimulate discussion and further exchange regarding important current legal issues. The podcasts below are broken up into two groups: Post-Decision podcasts and Post-Argument podcasts.

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    Construction Industry Podcast

    Fresh Ideas for Today's Construction Professional. The Construction Industry Podcast presents interviews, tips, trends, and other content relevant to businesses and professionals in the construction sector.

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    Un podcast sobre el mundo del español

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    Die neue Sendung mit der Maus oder wie Kulturwissenschaft die Welt erklärt. Die „KulturWelle“ ist ein Radio-Podcast des Instituts für Kulturwissenschaft der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Unsere Beiträge befassen sich mit der europäischen Kulturgeschichte, -Soziologie, –Philosophie etc. Die Darstellung, Analyse und Interpretation von gesellschaftlichen Tatsachen und soziokulturellen Phänomenen soll im Zentrum der Beiträge stehen. Warum ist unsere moderne Gesellschaft so wie sie ist? Welche Zusammenhänge bestehen zwischen Menschenbild und technischem Fortschritt? Existiert eine Verbindung zwischen dem Bruttoinlandsprodukt eines Landes und dessen exzessivem Kaffeekonsum? Wie wirkt sich Social-Networking auf die zwischenmenschliche Kommunikation aus? Kulturtheorien sollen helfen, gesellschaftliche Phänomene zu verstehen und ihre mögliche Bedeutung in Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft aufzuzeigen. Dabei steht das Phänomen „Kultur“ im Zentrum. Wo beginnt Kultur? Was ist darunter zu verstehen? Wie viele Kulturen gibt es? Das Ziel der „KulturWelle“ ist es, interdisziplinär zu arbeiten, Brücken zwischen den unterschiedlichen Fachbereichen zu schlagen sowie verschiedene Sichtweisen und Perspektiven auf kulturelle Phänomene kritisch und kontrovers zu diskutieren. Neben Studenten, Dozenten und Professoren kommen in den Beiträgen auch Künstler, Autoren und Musiker zu Wort. Über die Grenzen des universitären Bereichs hinaus versuchen wir interessierte Hörer zu gewinnen. Auf Anregungen, Kommentare und Foren-Diskussionen sind wir angewiesen. Wir versuchen die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Radiostationen, kleinen Verlagen, etc. auszubauen.

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    El Podcast donde quieren escucharse todos los demás

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    Swoop's World Indie Late Night

    Swoop's World Radio is a Southern California Internet radio show that is equal parts arts, culture and party. Each week the crew taps into the Southern Cal lifestyle with interviews and live performances from indie artists, authors and musicans. The topics are as varied as the guest list, but the goal is always the same - to keep the conversation entertaining and the debates insightful.

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    Ghost Hunters

    Ghost hunters investigate haunted houses throughout the country.

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    Friday Night Lights

    A small Texas town has high expectations for its top-ranked football team. Expanding on the hit feature film "Friday Night Lights," this poignant series centers on the small rural town of Dillon, Texas, where the coveted state football championship rings are held in the highest regard.

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    Doctors labor to save lives in the emergency room of a Chicago hospital.