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  • Catfish EDGE - Catfish Fishing Podcast

    Formerly Catfishing Radio: Chad Ferguson from Catfish Edge discusses catfish fishing (catfishing) and reveals killer tips, tricks, tactics and techniques to help you catch more and bigger catfish on your next fishing trip! Learn the secrets to success when fishing for catfish including tackle and gear information, techniques for locating and catching catfish, gear reviews and information, the latest news, how to locate and catch catfish and more. Chad Ferguson has spent a lifetime fishing for catfish and has been a professional catfish guide in Texas for over 13 years. Learn from his experience as a professional catfishing guide and get on the fast track to catfish fishing success. Join guests on the Catfish Edge podcast including other fishing guides, catfish tournament pros and top industry experts and get the Catfish Edge. Chad founded the Catfishing Radio podcast from Learn To Catch Catfish and the Catfish Edge podcast picks up where Catfishing Radio left off. if you like to fish for catfish then the Catfish Edge podcast is for you! The Catfish Edge catfish fishing podcast is on the cutting edge of catfishing. Learn the latest catfish fishing tips, tricks, and techniques from professional catfish guides and the nations top tournament anglers. Hosted by Chad Ferguson a Texas based professional catfish guide who brought you Learn To Catch Catfish and Catfishing Radio the Catfish Edge podcast picks up where Catfishing Radio left off. If you like to fish for catfish and want to get the latest information on how to locate and catch catfish and get on the cutting edge of catfish fishing then the Catfish Edge podcast is for you.

  • All Things Christian with Dr. Jason Whitehurst

    Practical. Applicable. Engaging. Discussions about timely and relevant topics,from a Biblical worldview, that help you live a better life. All things considered. All Things Christian.

  • Real Warriors, Real Advice

    Real Warriors, Real Advice is a podcast series in which warriors, veterans and military families highlight the importance of seeking care for invisible wounds and offer tools and tips on building and maintaining psychological resilience.

  • Who's Jobbing Who?

    Listen to the Who's Jobbing Who? Podcast Now! Are you tired of Wrestling Podcast where all the hosts have similar opinions? Well, on Who's Jobbing Who you will get up to 5 different Opinions, where we will talk about one thing we love the most, wrestling!

  • The Man of Twists and Turns: The Crime Fiction & Thrillers Podcast

    This is the place for fans of crime fiction and thrillers. The Man of Twists and Turns is packed with “How to” tips on writing thrillers, behind the scenes looks at crime writing, and a FREE psychological novel podcast in serial form. Matt Rees is an award-winning writer of crime fiction, thrillers and historical fiction.

  • Leo Neto's Playlist

    Music For Your Mind

  • One BadAss Life Podcast

    Our mission is to help you live one badass life each and every day because even though life is difficult you only get to live once. We focus on building solid F's in life with episodes on Family, Finance, Fun and Freedom.

  • The Pastor Fury Podcast

    A podcast from a new pastor who loves Jesus, people, parenting, leadership, blogging, technology, social media, creativity, living in the freedom of his secure identity in Christ. Featuring discussions on worldly topics from a "not of this world" perspective.

  • Delegated To Done

    Deanna Maio, entrepreneur, outsourcing expert, speaker, author and Systems & Implementation Strategist helps Online Business Owners doing to much themselves figure out what to do, what to delegated, and create the systems so they know that what they delegate gets done. With Interviews, ideas, and inspiration, the Delegated to Done podcast will gets Online Business Owners working smarter, faster so they get more done and have more time.

  • Geeky Voices Carry

    When Geeks ... Talk! Four geeks talk about tabletop RPGs, gaming, comics, movies, television and whatever else crosses their minds in this bi-weekly podcast.