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    Americana Music Show

    The Americana Music show features hand-picked, road-tested, american music and interviews with your next favorite bands.

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    PlanetCorey Music Podcast

    The PlanetCorey Music Podcast is like a box of music chocolates. Each song is hand picked and all music genre's are fair game - folk, rock, country, blues, pop, Americana and everything in between. Each show will feature hand picked music (no bots or algorithms here) and be themed with a different genre, feel or mood with the occasional "anything goes" theme. The main goal of each show is to entertain you with kick ass music and related talk.Listen for yourself now. Each show is at least 30 minutes and will contain at least 3 hand picked, kick ass songs that you may or may not have heard before. DO NOT listen to this podcast if you: - Only like only one style, genre or era of music (we think that's boring) - Do not like surprises - Can't stand a little music chit chat between songs - Like bots algorithms introducing you to new music - Like Spoon fed Music Grab an cold drink and hit play.

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    The Blues Record

    The Blues Record podcast aims to help keep the music alive and the history remembered by playing you old and new tracks from the many styles of Blues music. Along the way we might just teach you a thing or two about the music that you're listening to. Where it comes from, where it's going, the influences it's made, and why it should matter to you. But don't worry, your only homework is to listen to more Blues. So join us every Tuesday as we release your weekly fix of aural delight, witty remarks, and even an intelligent comment here or there.

  • Yellow Room Recording Presents

    Recordings from the studio of Portland producer Peter Rodocker of live performances and interviews with eclectic artists whose music is worth the listen. Find out where artists came from, where they're coming from, and where they're headed.