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  • Product People - entrepreneurs, developers, designers

    Product People is a podcast focused on great products and the people who make them. Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, developers, designers and starters: if you want to learn how to get a great idea, and turn it into a marketable product, then this show is for you. The show involves discussion about how great things are created, tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, and interviews with people who have successfully made their product businesses their sole sources of income.

  • Urbanism Speakeasy

    Urbanism Speakeasy is the podcast about human-scale design, just the way the free market intended. We're interested in what makes great cities, towns, and villages. Common sense planning and design has been taboo for decades, thanks in large part to government intervention. We talk about technical issues in plain language for everyone to understand. No advanced degrees or new urbanism pedigree required.

  • Colin Bradley Art Cast

    Colin discusses Pastel Pencil, Watercolour and Mixed Media Art with his son Steve Bradley. A humorous and entertaining show with lots of valuable art tips and techniques from Colin with additional Q and A each week!

  • Novedge Webinar Series

    Novedge is the leading online software store for design professionals. From architects to engineers, from filmmakers to graphic designers, we go to great length to find all the software you need, so you can focus on your projects. Though it is for products carried by Novedge, we collaborate with our partners to produce demonstrative webinars focusing on education and skill development. Designers, architects and visual effects professionals will appreciate the inside scoop on the latest techniques and features for their favorite tools. We recognize the everyday creativity of all the professionals designing the future today: your passion and innovation make our world possible.

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    Die Photoshopper (Video)

    Alle 14 Tage stellen die Photoshopper in zehn Minuten ein neues Thema mit praktischen Tipps und Tricks vor. Wie funktionieren die Auswahl-Werkzeuge, wie verwende ich Masken und Ebenen? Mit der Zeit wird es anspruchsvoller, es wird "gephotoshoppt", mit den Retusche-Werkzeugen, Filtern und Einstellungsmöglichkeiten von Adobes mächtigem Bildbearbeitungspaket. Wie hängen Auswahlen und Masken zusammen - wie funktioniert der Maskierungsmodus und was hat es mit Alphakanälen auf sich? Die Photoshopper erklären es. Und Doc Baumann erklärt, woher die Werkzeuge "Abwedeln" und "Nachbelichten" ihre Namen haben. Haben Sie eine Frage an unsere Profis? Schreiben Sie an Auf der Website zum Podcast finden Sie das Begleitmaterial zu dieser Folge und auch Beispielbilder, mit denen Sie selbst üben k