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Tag: electronica

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    grooveTEK electronica music

    surround your mind with sensational electronica groove music... :-) We welcome you to our grooveTEK Electronica Music podcast show where we?re going to play thirty minutes of electronica groove music. If you?re a big fan of electronica music you?ll LOVE g

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    Dance Music Mixes with DJ Colicky Boy

    Dance Music Mixes with DJ Colicky Boy. 80s, flashback, retro mixes; trance, vocal trance, club, hands up, electronica, energy mixes; new wave, synthpop, alternative mixes.

  • Funcast

    Funcast - Every Friday from Slovenia!

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    Comfort Conspiracy

    Personal picks from 3 electronic music fans and producers. Beats, breaks, and bass, a bit of waffle and a load of what's hot in Dnb, Dubstep, Breaks and man y other electronic music styles.

  • Illumin Podcast - Trance for Life

    Illumin Podcast - Trance for Life

  • HD
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    The Best producers from all over the world. by The Boxx Group

  • let the record play

    Recorded in the traditional manner, no editing or computer effects! This mix is deep, melodic, groovin, soulful and will take you places.. Equipment used: 2 Technic SL-1200 MK2's, 1 Pioneer CDJ800, 1 Rane MP2016 Safegaurd Music LRP2

  • No Go Die

    Afrobeat. Dub. Latin. Broken Beats. The No Go Die podcast is broadcast out of London and Beijing, sharing irrepressible rhythms worldwide and pushing new sounds with ardent music fans in China. We offer delicious audio morsels with an inclination towards chunky dub, driving afrobeat and funk-inspired electronica. It's the only 'cast of its kind bringing danceable sounds old and new to a discerning and beat-hungry public.