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    Music for Chill Out

    Imagine eating masala dosa while sipping a mojito on a snow-capped beach as George Clinton dances wildly to the sound of Miles Davis and Robert Johnson jamming away… Master Margherita can take you there and show you around !

  • Audio Texture Radio Show

    We love music even more than chocolate and we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries and support the world of quality, underground music. More info:

  • Bleep Podcast

    Featuring shows by Sonic Router, Allez Allez and's expert staff.

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    Welcome to MINDCAST. Here we want to present you exclusive DJ mixes or live sets from mostly Mindwaves-Music members, but also friend artists who have played at our events for example. Support comes from danish artist "Heliometra" which will supply for each episode a unique cover. Enjoy listening and keep following for upcoming episodes.

  • Minuit Automatique

    Émission bi-mensuelle sur Beaub FM 89.0 - (Limoges) Un lundi sur deux, de 22h à minuit. Programmation musicale et rubriques autour du punk, de la noise, du post-hardcore, du math-rock, de l'expérimental, ...

  • After the Tone

    Live feed of the latest 50 calls to, a website that publishes voicemails left to a phone number listed on the website.

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    Re:automation Radio

    Experimental Electronic Music

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    Ruji C.'s "The Meta-Podcast"

    Ruji C. is a freelance creator of miscellanea, including text, comics, video, audio, and operating systems. The Meta-Podcast is her brain's dumping ground. This lo-fi, experimental podcast features interviews with sex workers and Linux experts, rants against Drug Abuse Resistance Education, recordings of the awesome music Ruji's friends are making, and strange audio experiments. Ruji C. is best known for her "Don Depresso" comics series ( and her half-comedy/half-pretentious-video-art web show "" (