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    Hosted by photographer and author Scott Wittenburg, this podcast is for anybody who wants to learn the secrets of taking better photographs traditionally or digitally. Tips on cameras, composition, exposure, darkroom techniques and step-by-step tutorials on manipulating digital images in Adobe Photoshop are among the topics to be covered. Subscribers are encouraged to submit questions to the host, who will address them in future podcasts. In this lesson, learn how to use the liquify filter in Photoshop to create photographic "caricatures". See how easy and fun it is to create exaggerated, comedic images of your family, friends and adversaries using this simple but impressive technique!

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    Fotobug - Elusive Image Photography

    Elusive Image Travel and Nature Photography featuring interviews, reviews, photo techniques, travel and workshop information.

  • The Candid Frame: A Photography Podcast

    The Candid Frame: A Photography Podcast is a weekly interview show which features conversations with the world's best established and emerging photographers.

  • HelloPeti

    A fényképezőgép és aki mögötte van. Fényképezés, Kütyük és az Élet úgy általában, heti bontásban.

  • Budapest: The Podcast

    Interviews and banter with Hungarians and non-Hungarians working in creative fields in Budapest. Made by Brandon.


    PhotoShelter was founded in 2005 by professional photographers and Internet whiz kids in an effort to create a truly archival storage solution for digital image files and to provide a platform for fellow photographers to distribute, display, and sell their images online. Two years later, the PhotoShelter crew is very psyched to launch the PhotoShelter Collection, an open, edited image marketplace that awards professional and amateur photographers a free opportunity to sell a unique brand of imagery to editorial and commercial buyers. The Collection complements the Personal Archive subscription by providing a highly targeted outlet for sales that allows its contributors to maintain their creative integrity – and to be paid fairly at the same time. For buyers, the Collection promises an ever-growing offering of fresh imagery from unexpected sources with the added benefit and convenience of professional editing. Subscribe to the PhotoShelter podcasts for great insight on the rapidly evolving digital imaging industry! Here's the first video that we've produced (and when I say "we," I mean "Mike") from the New York Town Hall. It's a fantastic panel discussion between Kareem Black, Chase Jarvis, Jennifer Miller, Landon Nordeman, George Pitts, and Catherine Talese that covers issues of copyright, marketing, Getty, and other topics related to the business of photography.

  • justMovies

    moving pictures (by Fran Simó)

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    justMovies videoblog (HD version)

    moving pictures (by Fran Simó)

  • El Podcast Phocaccia

    El Podcast de Fotografia gratis en tu idioma. Este podcast trata diversos temas acerca de la fotografía, incluyendo tips técnicos y estéticos, entrevistas, opinion y noticias.

  • The Phototripper Podcast

    The Phototripper Podcast is the place for all things Travel and Photography. Episodes cover how to find places to photograph, how to get there, gear to use, and other useful techniques. Visit at