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    Going Linux

    Going Linux is for computer users who just want to use Linux to get things done. New to Linux, upgrading from Windows to Linux, or just thinking about moving to Linux? This website and audio program (podcast) will provide you with practical, day-to-day advice on how to use Linux and its applications. Our goal is to help make the Linux experience easy for you.

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    Tech News Weekly (Video)

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    Arsenal Sweden Podcast

    Arsenal Sweden Official Supporters Club Podcast Varje vecka - undantaget landslagsuppehåll - kommer Arsenal Sweden bjuda på en podcast fylld av diskussioner, gäster, listor, frågor och annat. Förra säsongens podcastsändningar blev en stor succé - och nu siktar vi på att bli ännu bättre! I år hittar ni endast podcasten på iTunes. För att lyssna på nya och gamla podcasts samt hålla er uppdaterade klickar ni er in på den här sidan. Se till att installera och öppna iTunes för att kunna prenumerera på podcasten! Om ni vill att vi ska ta upp ett speciellt ämne i nästa veckas podcast ("Lyssnarfrågan") skickar ni antingen ett mail på eller en tweet med ert förslag.

  • KCRW's Art Talk

    Art reviews news and announcements from KCRW's resident art critic Edward Goldman. Both fearless and fun Edward offers a unique accent on art. Formerly employed by the famed Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg's Russia and a favorite on-air presence he offers impassioned views on what he sees in the galleries and museums and at events throughout the world and he isnt afraid to speak truth to power.

  • KPLU Studio Session Podcast

    KPLU's Studio Session podcast features local and national jazz musicans performing live music in the KPLU studios

  • PRI: The Sound of Young America

    In-depth interviews with important figures in pop culture, literature, comedy and the arts, commentary and banter, and original comedy. Time Magazine's "Pick of the Podcasts." says: "If you've never heard of The Sound of Young America, then The Sound of Young America is the greatest radio show you've never heard of." (Note: this feed contains the unexpurgated version of the program, not the radio version. May very occaisionally contain strong language, particularly in music clips.)

  • A Moment of Science: Audio

    Every weekday, A Moment of Science provides surprising tidbits of information on science, technology and health topics. A Moment of Science is a production of WFIU Public Media from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Learn more at

  • Ether Game Daily Music Quiz

    Test your musical IQ with Ether Game, your daily dose of musical fun and frustration. Ether Game and the Ether Game Music Quiz Podcast are produced by WFIU Public Media in Bloomington, Indiana.

  • Kinsey Confidential

    The Kinsey Confidential Podcast is your opportunity to ask sex and sexual health related questions and have them answered by experts from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Visit Kinsey Confidential online at where you can listen to more podcasts, read our sexual health blog, and submit your own questions to be answered by the experts at The Kinsey institute on future episodes of the podcast. The Kinsey Confidential Podcast is updated every Monday and Thursday.

  • WFIU: Hometown with Tom Roznowski

    Hometown is a journey to the past that begins right around the corner - a real American hometown - an audio walking tour of Terre Haute, Indiana in the summer of 1926.