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Tag: public radio

  • Public Radio Redux

    There's way too much audio in the world to catch everything that comes out of your clock radio. Public Radio Redux shines a spotlight on stories that makes you turn and look at your speakers. It's a curated list, a place to make comments, and a blog about making radio. Consider it the espresso in your daily public radio fix.

  • Broadcasting Canada

    Broadcasting Canada celebrates the role of public broadcasting in Canada through in-depth interviews with this country's most renowned voices and broadcasters, from Stuart McLean and David Suzuki to Shelagh Rogers and Jian Ghomeshi.

  • Humankind: The Search for Well-Being

    These audio documentaries, originally heard on public radio, explore health care for the "whole person" - mind, body and spirit - and how that fits into the new health care era. Hear powerful stories from doctors, nurses and patients who take this natural, low-tech approach, sometimes known as "integrative medicine". The importance of an individual's self-care is also explored.