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    NPR: Science Friday

    Science Friday, as heard on NPR, is a weekly discussion of the latest news in science, technology, health, and the environment hosted by Ira Flatow. Ira interviews scientists, authors, and policymakers, and listeners can call in and ask questions as well. Hear it each week on NPR stations nationwide -- or online here!

  • NPR: Simon Says

    Each week 4 million listeners turn to NPR's Scott Simon on Weekend Edition Saturday for his take on the week's news, many for his special reflection on a news item of the week. From the Don Imus controversy to a heartfelt goodbye to colleague and mentor David Halberstam to how to share baseball's joys with non-Americans, Scott opens his heart and shares his insights with listeners.

  • NPR: Sports with Frank Deford

    NPR Morning Edition's Frank Deford gives weekly commentary on a cross section of the world of sports. Sometimes acerbic, often funny, always insightful.

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    NPR: Story of the Day

    Funny, moving, exceptional, or just offbeat -- the NPR story people will be talking about tomorrow. The best of Morning Edition, All Things Considered and other award-winning NPR programs.

  • NPR: StoryCorps

    At recording booths across America, everyday people interview one another about their lives. StoryCorps creator Dave Isay showcases these first-person stories in this weekly podcast. StoryCorps airs Fridays on NPR's Morning Edition.

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    NPR: Sunday Puzzle

    NPR's weekly word game: match wits with "Weekend Edition" puzzle master Will Shortz.

  • NPR: Technology

    From NPR: perspectives on digital culture, research news, the tech industry and more. The best of Morning Edition, All Things Considered and other award-winning NPR programs.

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    NPR: World Cafe Words and Music from WXPN

    WXPN's live performance and interview program featuring music and conversation from a variety of important musicians

  • NPR: Your Health

    From NPR: The Health Desk brings you the latest consumer health and medical news. Joe Neel and Allison Aubrey host this weekly exploration of medicine and health.

  • Natural Selections

    Conversations about the natural world with Dr. Curt Stager and Martha Foley, from member-supported North Country Public Radio