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    soulserver TV

    Northern Soul Video from

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    Divine Soul Multimedia EBook

    Literary Multimedia Serial

  • THE LEGACY ft B. Taylor

    B. Taylor gives you insight into day to day life as a legacy, dubbed "The Stevie Wonder of hip hop" by Motown legend Pete Moore of The Miracles for his diverse talents with a variety of instruments, the first artist endorsed by the Greats such as Smokey Robinson and Mary Wilson (of the Supremes) since Michael Jackson. Follow B. Taylor's journey at

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    Taproot Podcast

    hand-picked, road-tested, american music featuring artist interviews, new music.

  • Audio Texture Radio Show

    We love music even more than chocolate and we constantly research, listen to & painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world. So we thought it would be a nice idea to put out a weekly radio show to spread the word about some of our musical discoveries and support the world of quality, underground music. More info:

  • Funk Radio

    Come along for some fun but edifying discussions surrounding the musical styles of soul, disco and funk. Can you dig it?

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    Bandana Blues with Beardo & Spinner

    Bandana Blues with Beardo & Spinner: BluesWax’s Senior Contributing Editor, Producer of NO MORE Annual Bandana Blues Festivals after the 18th, and all around Bon Vivant invites you to join him, Beardo, and Spinner, his co-host from the home of the World Court in The Netherlands for your dose of all that’s Blue on two continents! Bandana Blues is a weekly musical journey of 21st Century Blues with the occasional nod to the old masters. 120+ minutes of commentary and music played from either unsigned artists, oops, or with label/artist consent including LIVE interviews and music from otherwise unavailable material from both of our extensive collection of LPs. Records... 33 1/3 RPM ..... remember them? Broadcasting on the net in one form or another since 1999, we’ve got the blues.... want some?

  • Head Radio

    Head Radio plays an eclectic selection of music from many diverse genres. There are no known musical boundaries.

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    Meditation with Sri Chinmoy

    Spiritual master and peace advocate SRI CHINMOY was born in East Bengal, India, on August 27, 1931. Since his early childhood he attained the state of God-realisation and was very active throughout his life. He gave university talks on divine subjects, composed thousands of spiritual songs, wrote around 1600 books (many of them consisting of poems), gave 777 peace concerts throughout the world, created thousands of “Jharna- Kala” artworks and millions of bird drawings. He was also a prolific sportsman, weight-lifter, founder of the “World Harmony Run” and promoter of ultra-distance running such as the largest race in the world, the 3100 mile run in New York City. Aged 76 he passed away on October 11, 2007 in Queens, New York. The videos in this Channel remember his presence on earth. The Channel is moderated by Kedar Misani, a photograher, videographer and blogger from Switzerland who is a student of Sri Chinmoy for the past 30 years. More of his videos on Sri Chinmoy on: View also his photoblog on Sri Chinmoy with daily updates: and the artblog with one new artwork presented every day:

  • let the record play

    Recorded in the traditional manner, no editing or computer effects! This mix is deep, melodic, groovin, soulful and will take you places.. Equipment used: 2 Technic SL-1200 MK2's, 1 Pioneer CDJ800, 1 Rane MP2016 Safegaurd Music LRP2