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  • HR for Small Business

    HR for Small Business, launched by Xenium HR, is an educational podcast for small businesses and HR professionals. The podcast offers information and advice to companies and individuals looking to expand their knowledge of human resource programs and methods. The host, Sr. Marketing Specialist and Business Analyst at Xenium HR, Brandon Laws, interviews human resource and business professionals about a variety of HR-related topics. Xenium is an HR consulting and employer services company that assists businesses with limited to no internal HR resources of their own.

  • Product People - entrepreneurs, developers, designers

    Product People is a podcast focused on great products and the people who make them. Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, developers, designers and starters: if you want to learn how to get a great idea, and turn it into a marketable product, then this show is for you. The show involves discussion about how great things are created, tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, and interviews with people who have successfully made their product businesses their sole sources of income.

  • American Startup

    Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs build Startup Businesses

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    Small Businesses Do It Better

    The MP3 version of the video series: Interviews small business owners, entrepreneurs and industry experts - bringing you tons of resources to use when growing your small business.

  • NerdKicks Podcast

    We chat with talented makers of all stripes about their origin stories, superpowers, nemeses, alter egos, and aspirations. Matt and Mindy interview makers, startup founders, and do-gooders about the joys and struggles of getting a new project off the ground.

  • The North Bay Startup Show

    Our tagline here at North Bay Startup is Scalable Businesses, Sustainable Communities. We believe that it’s possible to stay local and build business that scale, while giving back to the community and being part of an awareness that profit doesn’t need to come at the expense of the planet. We will be featuring guests on a regular basis who are building new business and products here in the Sonoma / Marin county area, as well as interviewing people in the technology, creative, marketing, education, and political sectors who are making a difference in the local startup ecosystem.

  • Entrepreneur Dialogues

    Where great minds think differently

  • Bootsector

    The startup podcast