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    Radio Free Echo Rift | Comics | Movies | Pop Culture

    Comic Books | Movies | Television | Books | Popular Culture Radio Free Echo Rift is your the twice weekly Pirate Pop Culture Podcast brought to you from Deep Beneath the City of Philadelphia! Don and Mike have thirty minutes to record each episode here in the confines of the Waiting Room - the only place our evil overlords, the Researchers, can’t monitor our activities. If we were ever caught, we’d be atomized for sure!

  • Long Box Review

    Comic Book News, Reviews, & Discussion

  • Weekly Geek Speak

    Four nerds spreading the word on film, television, games, comics and other media.

  • Batman Happens

    Batman Happens features both light-hearted and in-depth discussion of everything Batman. Entertainment and shared enjoyment of the Batman is the focus here making news and announcements less stuffy and more of a natural progression of conversation. While discussion usually stays centered on the Dark Knight, other topics covered are superheroes in the news, TV and film, toys, and comics in general (heavily slanted toward DC).

  • Henshin Comprehension

    Follow along as two American friends watch Super Sentai and desperately attempt to fathom it.