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Genre: Government

  • Sherry Talk Radio

    Bible Prophecy, Bible Codes, and Current Events...did our ancient Biblical Patriarchs warn us of coming UFO and Alien invasions to earth? Martial Law? The New World Order? And why is America, the most dominant nation mentioned on the earth in the last da

  • The Alex Jones Show

    The RSS feed for listening to the daily Alex Jones Show. There is no video with this channel, but as audio only it is great to be able to play it in Democracy and then minimize to the tray while you do other things on or off line.

  • President Obama's Weekly Address & Key Speeches

    President Obama's Weekly Address & Key Speeches. These videos are part of the public domain.

  • White House Speeches

    Keep up with all of President Obama's remarks, town halls, and press conferences in this comprehensive podcast. This feed will occasionally include remarks from other principals like Vice President Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama. On the 100th Day since the President signed the Recovery Act, he sees the fruits of green jobs at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, and takes stock of the successes so far.

  • DC Public Society (Video)

    Welcome to DC Public Safety. Brief video programs for the public on crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system. Welcome to DC Public Safetyndash;radio and television showsnbsp;on crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system. Please see http://media.csosa.govnbsp;for our radio shows. We welcome your comments and suggestions at leonard.sipes@csosa.gov. On todayrsquo;s show, we feature an interview regarding the issues of helping to reform women offenders and help them transition to a healthy and happy life in the Washington, DC community. Transcript available at http://media.csosa.gov/podcast/transcripts/?p=3 Information about crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system. Meta terms: crime, criminals, criminal justice, parole, probation, prison, drug treatment, reentry, sex offenders.

  • Cato Daily Podcast

    The Cato Daily Podcast allows experts and scholars affiliated with the Cato Institute to comment on relevant news in a conversational, informal manner. By presenting issues in a concise and engaging way, the podcast invites listeners to rethink their assumptions about liberty and the proper role of government. Hosted by Caleb Brown.

  • Cato Event Videos

    Individual Liberty, Limited Government, Free Markets, and Peace

  • GAO Watchdog Report

    Featuring interviews with GAO officials on significant issues and new reports, the Watchdog Report is recorded, hosted, and produced by GAO staff.

  • FBI: Gotcha

    Memorable FBI closed cases, often worked in concert with our partners.

  • America's Most Wanted

    John Walsh and America's Most Wanted bring you new cases every week so concerned citizens can help track America's most wanted fugitives.

  • Adam-12

    Two LAPD officers, a rookie and a six year veteran, patrol the streets of Los Angeles.

  • The Academy

    120 recruits. 18 weeks. Step inside the L.A. County Sheriff's Academy. Ride along through the intense process of breaking down and building up raw recruits. Spirits are crushed, commitment is challenged and the struggle begins - only the strong will survive The Academy. Raw. Arresting. Real.

  • Miami Vice

    Two detectives work undercover in Miami.

  • Cover Me

    Based on the true life of a smooth talking FBI man who protects his family by partnering them up with him cracking criminals.

  • Cops

    Producer/writer/director John Langley created Fox Broadcasting Company's television series COPS in 1988. The long-running FBC reality program, currently in its 19th season, pioneered the often emulated video verite format.