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How to conceive a boy!

How to conceive a baby boy? If your heart is set on having a boy baby, you will want to learn about secrets of conceiving a boy, tips and tricks from ancient Chinese gender calendar to Shettles method, when to conceive for a boy, what ...

How to conceive a baby boy? If your heart is set on having a boy baby, you will want to learn about secrets of conceiving a boy, tips and tricks from ancient Chinese gender calendar to Shettles method, when to conceive for a boy, what positions and diet to use to guarantee getting a boy baby.

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    Plan my baby testimonial

    This is a video of a mother who had succeeded ...

    This is a video of a mother who had succeeded in giving her family a much welcomed addition: a baby boy, with the gender selection program Plan my baby - Prince or Princess by Alicia Pennington. Jenn recently had her second baby, a boy. She is overjoyed! She already has a four year daughter, and she wanted the next baby to be specifically a boy, because she have always dreamed of having two children: a boy and a girl! Now she has one of the each gender: a little four year princess, and a bouncing baby boy! Be sure to watch the video!:) Check the gender selection program here! Read the Plan my baby review and why is this the solution for how to conceive a boy.

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    How to get pregnant with a boy

    -> Click here to get pregnant with a boy! If ...

    -> Click here to get pregnant with a boy! If you've found yourself on How to conceive a boy blog, and have watched the presentation above, you already know why you're here. You are looking for the best way to get pregnant with a gender you prefer - a boy baby. Right? So I promise I won't bore you with the talk about why Plan my baby: Prince or Princess is the best gender selection product currently available, because you can read it all in the Plan my baby review. To get pregnant with a boy, you just need to know the right information, and this is exactly what this guide will give you. You can start learning all you need to know to have YOUR baby boy in just 2 minutes from now. That's why I invite you to discover how to conceive a boy you're so desperate to have - because you want to make your family complete, but you need it to work out right for you! You can't afford to just leave it to chance, you really need the right result this time round! Well, you don't have to leave it to chance any more... There is a method that you can follow that is 100% natural... And has yielded a success rate of over 96% for all those that have tried it... Anyone can use these methods: It is just about knowing the right things to do, and the right times to do them. -> Click here to get pregnant with a boy! When you click the link above, you will go to the official "Plan my baby: Prince or Princess" website where you are able to get your copy of the guide. This one has helped thousands of people to successfully achieve their dream of choosing their baby's gender before conception. You can read their heartwarming testimonials, but most importantly... Make sure YOU are one of the next success stories!

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    Dr Jonas gender selection method

    Since 1965, Dr Jonas is helping parents choose the gender ...

    Since 1965, Dr Jonas is helping parents choose the gender of their baby. On the Jonas method's official website, besides the articles about infertility, contraception and gender selection, there are numerous testimonials of his gender method effectiveness. For those that suffer from genetic disease running in the family, affecting only one gender, Dr Jonas has a specially dedicated advice to prevent genetic abnormalities as much as possible. It is interesting to note that Dr Jonas does not believe in "gender diet", that is to say, following certain dietary guidelines to upper your chances of conceiving a specific gender. As is the case with this blog, he has raised his concerns about douching method, i.e. vaginal baths with acidic or alkaline solutions used in hope of making woman's vaginal environment more "boy sperm" or "girl sperm" friendly. It seems Dr Jonas is not the fan of the rhythm method either, because the menstrual cycles and ovarian cycles are not really one and the same. So, you can throw out your basal thermometers! Dr. Jonas has discovered that under certain circumstances the bio-chemical environment of the endometrium is subject to certain periodic variations and that these in turn lead to sedimentation of the sperm. Dr Jonas gender selection method teaches that there are some days in woman's fertility cycle where she can conceive a boy only, and days where only a girl can be conceived. These days are completely personalized and depend on data completeness for accuracy. This is the only gender selection method that I know of that can pinpoint the gender for not only the next pregnancy, but for the two or more subsequent pregnancies. In their words: "This allows couples without children to plan their TWO future children's gender in advance. You can pre-select the first child's gender, and at the selection of the first child's gender, you can also can plan the gender of your second child or subsequent children." Dr Jonas fertility calender shows the gender of the baby next to the red marked days. There may be rare cases where instead of boy or girl, only a horizontal line will be shown. This means that it is very difficult to determine the gender with certainty and therefore they recommend opting for the subsequent terms. All you have to do in order to conceive the gender you desire, is to have intercourse one day before, or two days after, the red colored day. Therefore, if you want to conceive a boy, you will plan intercourse around those red dates that show a boy gender. Two caveats: after the verified pregnancy, unprotected sexual intercourse should still be avoided, especially on red dates because it is possible for additional conception to occur, and yes, it is possible to conceive when menstruating too. All pregnancies are counted in Jonas method fertility calendar. "Effectiveness rate of 97.7%..."(P<0.023), 2.2 in the Pearl Index (Jonas, Rechnitz et all, 1970)Centre Jonas International Research Corp. is based in Australia, with representative offices in Japan and Russia. What they offer is a personal fertility program, the natural (drug-free) way - for a fee of AUD$250.00 - which is, as they accentuate on the website, less than a one-time visit to a fertility specialist. The program is valid for one year and includes custom made high fertility days. If you do not conceive in that time frame, they offer a free additional program for the following year. They assure the perspective customers that personalized support and advice are included in the program fee. Results will be sent by e-mail and you may also request printed material by mail. Dr.Eugen Jonas Method® - Natural Conception Control™ is protected by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva, Switzerland, NO.713239.

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    How to conceive twin boys?

    Your medical practitioner will probably tell you there’s not much ...

    Your medical practitioner will probably tell you there’s not much you can do to conceive any twins, let alone conceiving the twins of a specific gender. However, there are some things worth knowing if your heart is set on conceiving twin (or multiple!) boys! What does boost your chances of getting pregnant with twins is: a mom-to-be is older,  it’s not her first pregnancy, she’s breastfeeding, she has just stopped taking hormonal contraceptives, she’s got some extra weight, she is on fertility drugs, the IVF procedure is done (multiple embryos), and dietary factor (maybe). It is known that those factors that stimulate your ovulation can result in twin conceptions. When more than one egg is released at a time, your chances of getting twins increase considerably. It is said that eating yams can overstimulate woman’s ovaries, making them more likely to release two eggs. This uppers your chances of having fraternal twins (or triplets, if three eggs are released and fertilized at a time). Give the following foods a try before getting pregnant: walnuts, whole grains, dairy products, eggs, and chicken. Try taking supplements such as cassava root and folic acid (you should take folic acid anyway if you’re preparing yourself for pregnancy). If you have children already, your likelihood of having twins increases. Not only because the simple law of probability, but because extra weight left from the earlier pregnancies is a contributing factor also. Women who already had twin babies, are more likely to conceive twins again. If you’re older, your chances of twin conception raise. After 30, the chances of natural twin pregnancy doubles. Please note that we’re still talking about very small percentages (6%) of naturally conceived twins. Women over 45 who successfully got pregnant are having twins in 17% of cases. Among those who are lucky to accomplish pregnancy when 50 or older, one woman in nine will get twins. It looks like our bodies accelerate ovulation as our biological clock is ticking. Since the older woman are more likely to need help from fertility procedures to conceive, their rate of twin and multiple births is higher. Those that conceive via in vitro fertilization often give birth to multiple babies in one pregnancy, because of a practice to implant more than one embryo to increase the chances of successful conception. The numbers are telling us that almost one in every three to four women who successfully gets pregnant with IVF will get twins. Fertility drugs that stimulate ovulation, such as Clomid (clomiphene) increase the chances of pregnancy resulting in twins by 10%. Clomid is taken to assist your body to produce more Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) which helps the ovaries to produce one or more mature eggs. Well, it often can be several (hyperovulation)! Hormone shots can also stimulate ovulation. In some women, immediately after they’ve stopped taking the pill, their ovaries start releasing more eggs. Therefore, you can try to conceive shortly after stopping the contraceptives – this will make you more likely to have fraternal twins. Women still breastfeeding their children while trying to conceive are more likely to get pregnant with twins. Of course, if you have a history of twins in your family – or you’re a twin yourself – your chances for twin conception are even better. More twins are conceived in July. The theory is that it’s due to the effect of the length of daylight on the secretion of Follicle Stimulating Hormone. Babies conceived in January are least likely to be twins. African-American women have a greater chance of having twins than any other race, while Caucasian women have the greatest chance of higher-order multiple births. Statistically, multiple births make up only 3 percent of all live births but that number is rising rapidly in recent times. Important: Identical (monozygotic) twins are always either both boys or both girls. Fraternal (dizygotic) twins can be of the same sex, or there can be one of each sex. Identical twins are made when the fertilized egg for some reason splits in two, so both parts develop individually, sharing the same placenta and the genetic makeup. Fraternal twins are created when two eggs are released, and they both get fertilized by different sperm, then implanted, and developing in separate placenta. They are more common than identical twins, and it’s said they’re easier to “make”. So happy babymaking!:) Remember though that twin pregnancies, and especially multiples, tend to be more complicated than regular pregnancies.

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    Top 3 Gender Selection Kits

    What are gender selection kits?Gender selection kits are preconception packages ...

    What are gender selection kits?Gender selection kits are preconception packages sold over the counter that are supposed to help you in gender swaying. They can be bought in some drugstores and on the internet and used in the discretion of your own home. As far as I know, none of the gender selection kits are FDA approved, but some claim they have FDA approved ingredients. They usually consist of a "boy" and a "girl" kit that you buy according to your preferences. Some are unisex, and those are typically more modestly priced. The kit usually includes some sort of ovulation tracking device, a vaginal douche or dietary instructions and/or supplements that are supposed to alter your vagina pH value. GenSelectThe most popular gender selection kit is GenSelect gender selection kit marketed with a tag-line "We Guarantee the Sex of Your Baby, or your money back".They claim 96% success rate if used prior to conceiving and according to instructions.They vouch that their patented product is clinically proven, safe and natural, and offer free online support, access to additional information, plus money back guarantee. The kits are essentially used in an effort to modify parents' body chemistries in order to conceive the gender of choice. What you get is an ovulation predictor, a douche, a digital thermometer, some dietary supplements and detailed instruction. It can be yours for $399. Selnas MethodWe did a post about Selnas method earlier. What you basically get is a 12-month calendar with diet and fertility chart. It's $395. Dr. Jonas MethodThat's a membership that includes 12-month individual program with "custom-made highly fertile days" with instructions and personal consulting support. It will cost you $184. We have mentioned Dr Jonas method in a previous post. Please note that I didn't include baby gender tests ie. kits that allow you to find the gender of your baby some time after you get pregnant. These surely warrant a dedicated post in the future, so stay tuned!

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    When to have intercourse to conceive boy?

    Timing intercourse is a popular technique to give boy sperm ...

    Timing intercourse is a popular technique to give boy sperm a boost when a couple is actively trying for a boy - and that which will hopefully result in a boy pregnancy. The theory behind this method of gender selection is that there are important differences between the sperm that makes boys and the sperm that makes girls: it's the girl producing sperm that is more endurable, bigger, hardier - so we ought to somehow give the fragile boy sperm a head start. One of the ways to do this is by employing love making methods like preferring some positions over the others and changing the pH of woman's reproductive tract using various techniques having to do with diet modification, vaginal douching or even refraining from orgasm. The fact is, XY sperm that results in a boy child is weaker and less suited for survival in a harsh acidic environment during the long voyage to the egg that is to be fertilized. It is recommended to be disciplined with lovemaking schedule when trying for a boy. That means that everyday intercourse and masturbation is not allowed. The logic behind the recommendation is that the more you have intercourse, the more is your sperm depleted. You need to "build up" your sperm, both in amount and count! Take a look here for more ideas for fathers-to-be wanting a son!   This type of legs up missionary, called "the anvil", allows the deepest possible penetration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)After ejaculation, it is advised for woman to lay in bed on her stomach for some time, in order to allow the male sperm to easier find its way to the egg, and hopefully, fertilize it, giving you and your partner a boy baby nine months later!

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    Ovulation calendar - boy!

    When trying to conceive, and especially when hoping for a ...

    When trying to conceive, and especially when hoping for a particular gender, your ovulation is something you must become aware of, keep track of, and intimately familiarize with. You probably don't need to be reminded what ovulation is, but let's define ovulation the same. Ovulation is nothing else than the release of a single mature egg from a follicle in your ovary. Ovulation usually happens regularly, once a month, and in a typical 28 days menstrual cycle, ovulation generally occurs around the day 14. When are you most fertile? Your "fertile window", as it's called, is the time that occurs between 4-5 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation. The peak of your fertility is occurring 24 hours before ovulation, and 24 hours after the ovulation. Woman's egg can live for 24-48 hours after it is released, and a man's sperm can live inside woman's body for 4-5 days. Therefore, if you want to conceive, you should time the intercourse accordingly. Ovulation calendars are tools that will allow you to do just that! Firstly - I do believe you already know this - but let's say what an ovulation calendar is. Ovulation calendar is a calendar that calculates the time when you will have an ovulation in order to keep track of your fertility cycle. Nowadays, an ovulation calendar can even be a program you run on your computer. With the help of the ovulation calendar, you will not be guessing when you are most likely to get pregnant, you will know the exact date of your ovulation - and thus be in charge of your own fertility! You may not know, however, that ovulation calendars can be used as a tool to calculate when you're most likely to conceive a boy baby, and when the baby girl is more probable. To conceive a boy, time your intercourse the closest to ovulation as possible. Y chromosome-carrying sperm that makes boys move faster than X chromosome-carrying sperm (girls) so it's more likely this type of sperm will arrive first to the egg ready to be fertilized. However, boy conceiving sperm is also more fragile than girl conceiving sperm, so they cannot wait for the egg to be released; they will die off leaving the more resilient X sperm time to finish the job if they arrive too early. Knowing this, plan having intercourse a day before ovulation, on the day of ovulation, and a day after it to improve your chances for a boy! Please note that not all dates that are your fertile days will result in conceiving a boy (for example), so you must have patience, and time the intercourse exactly on dates marked as favorable. If you have trouble conceiving in general, this method is not for you. What you need for this to work is having the correct menstrual cycle information (length, time) and keeping it up to date. Incorrect or outdated data will result in an erroneous calculation. Arcane fertility terms like corpus luteum, progesterone levels, or LH surges are luckily not required to study to use the ovulation calendar properly.

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    Your hormones influence which gender you conceive?

    Looks like there's another piece of evidence for the theory ...

    Looks like there's another piece of evidence for the theory that women who conceive boys, and those who conceive girls, are - somehow - fundamentally different! Mothers of sons are different from mothers who have daughters: we conceive a gender we're more suited to get! Women with higher values of a hormone that's considered the male sex hormone, testosterone, are more likely to conceive and give birth to boy babies! Can mother's hormones influence her baby's gender? The theory that women with higher testosterone hormone levels are more dominant - and thus more suited to get a male baby - was first proposed by a reproductive scientist with a PhD in psychology Dr Valerie Grant some time ago. Scientists already knew that mothers behave differently towards their babies according to their sex [mothers of boys are more initiating, mothers of girls more responsive], but the conclusion was that this was because of the strength of sex stereotyping. I'd say there was evidence that the mothers were behaving in ways that were natural to them. Some scientists didn't believe anyway that baby's gender is decided by a blind chance because fluctuations in birth ratios are readily observed in historical data. How to conceive a boy blog, for instance, already wrote about one scientist who questioned: Who determines the gender of a baby? - concluding father's got almost nothing to do with which gender his baby will turn to be. Far from being a fifty-fifty chance, as many parents are told when they begin to investigate how to conceive a boy or a girl specifically, you are more likely to have a boy than a girl baby - looking solely at statistical data. That gives those parents who wonder how likely to have a boy are they, an incentive to look further for ways to upper their chance of conceiving a boy. It is often told that it is more difficult to conceive a girl than a boy baby! How likely to conceive a boy are you? Dominant women more likely to have boys? During both World Wars the increase in baby boy's birth was observed. This cannot be explained purely by a chance, can it not? It has already been known in mammals such as deer that female dominance and having male offspring are linked. Is it the same case with humans? It is interesting how Dr Grant came up with her theory. A mother of 3 boys, Grant found long time ago that she could tell in advance which baby gender her friends were likely to have! It explains why the ratio of sons to daughters among my female hockey-playing friends is the statistically improbable 34:2 - testosterone and competitive team sports go hand in hand. She came up with the Simple Adjective Test that consists of simultaneously measuring blood testosterone levels and answering how often you feel: proud vigorous rejected selfsatisfied fearful etc. She found that women who are: confident assertive influential with a strong sense of self etc. have high levels of testosterone - and conceive boys! Mothers of daughters tend to be more: nurturing empathic tolerant etc. and have lower testosterone. It gets even more interesting: Grant claims you are more likely to get the same gender your friends have! It's also quite likely that if you have one-sex children, your closest friends will have the same. Not only are you similar people, but you'll probably feel more comfortable with their parenting style. But how is this all scientifically sound? Well, Grant can for sure prove this model of gender selection works - with cows! But wait till you hear it: the levels of testosterone in the follicles (which produce the egg) reliably predict the sex of the embryo and, more startling, the egg may well come out already adapted to receive an X or Y chromosome-bearing sperm. In lay terms this means that the female has already “decided” which sex offspring to have before sperm get involved! Most women with more than one child have babies of both gender - how this fact fits with her gender selection theory? Actually, it does fit. Most women have a medium amount of testosterone that fluctuates month to month. That's why the same woman may produce an egg adapted to an X chromosome in one reproductive cycle, and then to an Y chromosome the next. In women, testosterone is also very influenced by external stresses (for an example on the extreme - by war - as we noted above; but "normal" everyday stresses such as a death in family or changing jobs count just the same). Some women however are, although still within a normal range, with either high or low testosterone levels. Those are the one who will always have boys - or always have girls! Grant noted that before contraception was widely used, she saw families with 12 or 13 children of the same sex. The evidence for the theory that women, not men, decide gender selection in order to produce babies whose gender better suits them is, it seems, really mounting. What if you want to have a baby boy but can not describe yourself as a dominant woman in any way, but a "real girly girl"? Find out how to fool mother nature like this couple did!

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    Whelan boy: Whelan gender selection method

    Whelan method of gender selection was conceived as a betterment ...

    Whelan method of gender selection was conceived as a betterment of the Shettles method to have a gender of your choosing. Back in the 1970's, Elizabeth Whelan, Sc. D. created the Whelan method because she found the Shettles unsatisfying. She concluded that you have better chances if you go against the Shettles recommendations. Since it is originated from Shettles method, the Whelan is also a natural gender selection technique that relies heavily on timing intercourse in relation to your time of ovulation. You are supposed to time intercourse on specified days of your cycle. Following a gender diet and certain positions is also recommended. Here is how to get a Whelan boy! To conceive a boy, according to the Whelan method, have intercourse four to six days before your basal body temperature goes up. To know your basal body temperature take it every day using ovulation prediction kit. The only scientific foundation for this natural sex selection method is a survey of 1,300 women charting their temperatures done by Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero: Type and time of insemination within the menstrual cycle and the human sex ratio at birth. Guerrero R. Stud Fam Plann. 1975 Oct;6(10):367-71. Success rates of Whelan gender selection method are, according to the author herself, 68 percent effective for boys and 56 percent effective for girls. That doesn't sound very impressive, but it certainly is a free, safe, relatively simple, natural gender selection method you can do at home yourself. All you will need is ovulation predictor.

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    Going abroad for gender selection

    How far would you go to make sure you conceive ...

    How far would you go to make sure you conceive the gender of your dreams? Would you be willing to endure often involved and expensive medical procedures, like PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) for gender selection? Many parents-to-be are very much eager to go the distance - to ensure their families get the "right" addition: a boy or a girl baby that will finally complete their families. While some will call it controversial - using medical help in fertility clinics around the world that are willing and able to perform gender selection - others will call it "family balancing". Something that a parent with strong gender preferences and determined enough is left to chose by his free will, if the budget available is not too limiting of course! "Family balancing" is not at all a new idea: from times immemorial, people tried their best to influence the gender of their children with whatever method they've found available. That's why we've left even today with an overabundance of old wives' tales about baby gender (both baby gender selection and prediction), and myths (they are myths - for some!) like ancient Chinese gender calendar or astrology. Did you know that ancient Greeks even went as far as to tie off one of their testicles when going for a male heir because they believed that only sperm from your right testicle produces boys? Yes, they went that far! Have you even thought about going as far as... Cyprus? Some parents, in order to get the gender selection procedures performed, when faced with restrictions or even government bans over gender selection in their country of origin, look for what is available abroad. Although the gender selection is illegal in most of the Europe, many couples discovered North Cyprus as an ideal destination for infertility tourism. In North Cyprus there's a government recognized infertility clinic Dogus IVF Center with reasonable priced services and high success rates, that can legally and professionally perform gender selection methods. After the meeting with qualified infertility specialist to discuss their family balancing needs, parents will continue to be supported throughout their family balancing process by the English speaking doctors. Most commonly used procedure at this IVF clinic is the most reliable family planning procedure in existence today - PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). This gender selection method involves testing the X and Y chromosomes from embryo's cells using florescent in-situ Hybridization (FISH) and then re-implanting theose with desired gender. This does not affect the embryo. Since PGD enables testing of the chromosomal makeup of the embryo before he's even implanted in the uterus, parents can be ensured that the embryo is genetically healthy. According to Julie Hodson, patient coordinator for Dogus IVF Center, they charge €5,500 for gender selection, including accommodation and transfers! This family balancing process requires staying in North Cyprus for at least 7 days. So why not make it into the vacation, waiting for the gender selection procedure to (successfully) be finished while laying on one of the sunny beaches of North Cyprus? It looks many couples have thought of just that, because the Dogus IVF Center services include a packaged deal with hotels, airport pick-up, and transport to and from the clinic.

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