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    Learn Korean - is an innovative and fun way of learning the Korean language and culture at your own convenience and pace. Our language training system consists of free podcast audio lessons, a premium learning center, and a vibrant user community. Stop by today to learn more! Remember to use coupon code INNOVATIVE for an instant 20% Off Any Basic or Premium subscription. Stop by for the accompanying PDFs, line-by-line audio transcript, iLearning Center, and much more!

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    One Minute Italian

    Learn Italian in minutes with the Radio Lingua Network

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    English Teaching in Japan

    Sharing ideas and experiences about English teaching in Japan. Live Learn Share

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    APCS Java

    OOP Java for the AP CompSci A Test Starting Code: import java.util.Scanner; /** * Simple Polyalphabetic Cryptography * * @Chris Thiel * @28 Feb 2009 */ public class VignereCipherStartingCode { private static final String alphabet="ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"; private static int nextChar(String k, int i){ i=i%k.length(); String letter=k.substring(i,i+1); return alphabet.indexOf(letter); } public static String encode (String m, String k){ String result=""; for (int i=0; i<m.length(); i++){ int offset=nextChar(k, i); String letter = m.substring(i,i+1); int newLetterIndex= alphabet.indexOf(letter)+offset; newLetterIndex=newLetterIndex % 26; result+=alphabet.substring( newLetterIndex, newLetterIndex+1); } return result; } public static String decode (String m, String k){ String result=""; return result; } public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner kb=new Scanner(; System.out.print("Type a key: "); String key=kb.nextLine(); key=key.toUpperCase(); key=key.replace(" ","");//omit spaces System.out.print("Type a message: "); String message=kb.nextLine(); message=message.toUpperCase(); message=message.replace(" ",""); System.out.println("Using the key \""+key+"\" on \""+message+"\":"); String codedMessage=encode(message,key); System.out.println("Coded="+codedMessage); System.out.println("Decoded="+decode(codedMessage,key)); } } * 8 points: Complete the decode method so it can decipher the Vignere Cipher * 9 points: Adapt this so it can do a Progressive Polyalphabetic Cipher rather than a key * 10 points: Adapt the CarTalk Employee Applet's graphic user interface so that you can type a message in one text area, press a button and it shows the encoded text (using the Progressive Cipher), press another button and it shows the decoded text. * 11 points: Add a "key field" to the Applet, and use the Vignere Cipher, working in a similiar fashion as the 10 point version

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    PE's Chess Cast

    Chess Videos: Funny, if not strange presentation techniques, not to mention straight forward basic tutorials. Episodes are Video iPod Friendly. More Chess Stuff @

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    Six Sigma Statistics

    These video podcasts aim to assist practitioners understand the concepts and applications of statistical methodologies. The audio portion of these podcasts are also available on the Six Sigma Statistics podcast feed.

  • Real Estate Academy

    Real Estate Sales Trainer Lee Woodward offers many insights in to the skills and strategies required to be a real estate professional

  • The UND AeroCast (HD Video)

    UND Aerospace helps professional and aspiring aviation enthusiasts explore the joy and science of aviation through innovative video training topics narrated by experienced Certified Flight Instructors. The material presented in this series should not be used in place of actual ground or flight instruction. Consult a Certified Flight Instructor for aviation instruction. Prospective students, begin your aviation training at UND Aerospace in Grand Forks, North Dakota or any of our satellite locations by visiting our website at: In this episode, Andy Philbin introduces aspects of various Piper Arrow systems.