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Genre: Linux & Free Software

  • The Audacity to Podcast

    Giving you the guts and teaching you the tools to podcast successfully! Podcasting is a exciting and personal way to share your message with others, but how do you do it? What equipment, software, and skills do you need? We give you answers to these and more podcasting questions.

  • Open Metalcast

    Creative Commons licensed Metal Music

  • The Command Line

    A regularly published podcast by a self-described hacker, curmudgeon and hacktivist about the practice and profession of programming drawing on over a decade of professional experience and a lifetime spent hacking, the intersection of politics and society with technology and anything else clever, elegant or funny that catches my mind as a die hard technology geek.

  • Software Engineering Radio

    Information for Software Developers and Architects

  • HD


    Every week Tom and Leo talk to the smartest people in the world about the most important topics in technology.

  • The Changelog

    Open Source moves fast. Keep up. The Changelog is a weekly podcast and blog that covers what's fresh and new in Open Source.

  • HD

    Dr. Bill.TV - Video Netcast

    Tech Tips, Tech News, the Web and other various musings from Dr. Bill Bailey at Dr. Bill Bailey.NET. Join Dr. Bill as he makes pointed, funny, and sometimes, controversial observations on Tech Life.

  • Linux Action Show

    The Linux Action Show! is a podcast hosted by Chris Fisher and Bryan Lunduke and produced by Jupiter Broadcasting, commenting on the latest news in free and open source software, especially Linux. The name of the podcast was changed to The Computer Action Show!, which has now been changed back to the Linux Action Show and now runs weekly as of February 18, 2010.

  • HD

    LinuxGameCast Weekly HD

    Weekly Linux gaming news, reviews, previews and whatever else we come up with. HD Video Version.

  • LinuxGameCast Weekly

    Weekly Linux gaming news, reviews, previews and whatever else we come up with. Audio.