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Genre: Movies & TV

  • Off The Hook with Brian and Brien

    Off The Hook with Brian and Brien is a new podcast hosted by Flyin Brian, host of The Freakshow on 105.5, and Capt Brien, owner of Off The Hook Comedy Club in Marco Island, Florida. They interview nationally touring comedians, talk about local news and nightlife, and make fun of just about everything.

  • All Hearsay

    A geeky podcast where we talk about the things we think we know. We discuss 1st and 3rd account personal stories, video games, anime, manga, movies, comic books, toys, and anything we may or may not get factually correct. We’re just a couple of nerds that recount the old days of our childhood while trying to stay current with the ever growing pop-media culture.

  • Groovy Guide to Careers in Filmmaking

    Executive Producer Brent Altomare regularly speaks to students about what it takes to become a professional in the filmmaking industry - what he finds is that most students know only a small fraction of the jobs that are available in television and film.

  • Sci Phi Show

    The podcast about Science Fiction and Philosophy, each week we cover a piece of science fiction and the insights into philosophy that it gives us.

  • Montage Film Reviews Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion

    The Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion Podcast is produced by Eskimofinn Productions for Montage Film Reviews. The podcast runs from the first Sunday in September to the last Sunday in May each year and is designed to help you discover the best movies to rent whatever your preference. www.montagefilmreviews.com (Twitter: @eskimofinn)

  • Retro Thought Pod

    Come Step Into the Retro Thought Pod!

  • The Faculty of Horror

    Tackling all things horror with a slash of analysis and research, horror journalists and occasional academics Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West are your hosts for brain plumping discussions. Produced independently in Toronto Ontario The Faculty of Horror is your best source for classic and contemporary horror film discussions that will haunt the libraries of your mind.

  • The Black Box Podcast

    The Black Box is a two-time Parsec Nominated podcast that has comics, music and pop-culture media reviews, round table discussions & interviews with creators from all types of mediums. Tangents & comedy sometimes ensue. It is also home to Donny Salvo's Tales From The Attic and Jon Carroll's Carroll Chronicles.

  • Geeks on the Mic

    Geeks On The Mic is a podcast in which Jackson Herod, Clint "Jedi" Thiele, and Scott Badeaux discuss film, television, gaming, comics, books, and all things geek. We also speak to a wide variety of guests, and take calls from fans of the show.

  • Two To Beam Up

    A husband and wife team Star Trek Original Series Episode review podcast