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Genre: Religion & Spirituality

  • Outer Darkness Podcast

    Leaving the Mormon Church is only the beginning... This "of the world" podcast is recorded from the Great and Spacious Building in Salt Lake City. Join Nimrod The Lamanite, Orrin Porter, and The Bastard of Joseph in this latter day guide to leaving religion. These exmos (ex-mormons) show us how easy it is to move on with our lives in the big, scary, world of sin... and how much fun it can be. Drinking, politics, sex, drugs, it's all covered. Nothing is sacred. No topic is taboo. Consumption of strong drink and caffeine will ensue. It's not always about religion, but we are definitely going to hell for this... (intended for mature audiences - NSFW)

  • Easy Astrology Lessons

    This is a unique way to learn astrology. We start you off with the very basics of what energy is and how to use it to get what YOU WANT in life. As we progress you will learn WHY astrological signs are in the order they are, what they mean, and why they are associated with various planets and constellations. Nothing is hard here. We don't do hard--but you will know astrology better than people who have studied it for decades, because you will know astrology like a fish knows the ocean. You will breathe it in and it will make sense like few other things in life make sense. You will see what over 90% of the world is missing. You don't have to tell them either. All that matters is that YOU will be able to work miracles. Seriously.

  • Ancient Faith Documentaries

    In-Depth Audio Explorations of Topics Related to Eastern Orthodoxy

  • From My Youth

    Each month, Andrew Boyd welcomes a new guest to provide resources for those working in youth, young adult, and campus ministry. The podcast will focus on practical ideas and information that will help people "in the field.” From experienced youth and campus ministry leaders sharing their experiences to psychologists offering advice and guidance on identifying and helping depression, a variety of useful skills will be showcased.

  • Sehion Mar Thoma Church of Dallas, Podcast

    Sehion Mar Thoma Church is the newest addition to the Mar Thoma church community of Dallas/Fort Worth. Our church was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Episcopa, then Diocesan Bishop on July 25th, 2004 to meet the spiritual and communal needs of the growing number of Mar Thomites living in the northeastern parts of the Dallas Metropolitan area. Our church also plays an important role in passing our faith and beliefs to our future generations. Sehion Mar Thoma church is a member of the Diocese of North America and Europe of the Mar Thoma Syrian Christian Church of Malabar.

  • Sojourn Radio

    Sojourn Radio is a weekly podcast commenting on news, quotes, events with theological implications, and a Bible study.

  • Positive Podcast

    Two friends sit down and talk about this crazy world.

  • KDCL Media Presents

    We're never too old to seek new knowledge, new understanding of life around us. It's time we build bridges instead of walls. So come, sit, be comfortable, ask questions, gain knowledge for all are welcome here. There's only one House Rule...No Hate.

  • LOA Today

    Walt, Louise, Mark, Uohna, and friends tackle their experiences with the Law of Attraction