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Genre: Religion & Spirituality


    Power of Praise Radio will be playing Praise and Worship music uplifting Jesus Christ and setting the Spirit for the Holy Ghost to move in the hearts of the People. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the Globe for the Kingdom of GOD.


    Ministering the Word of GOD to the LOST to the Church an outside of the Church. Preaching the Whole Word of GOD in it's FULL TRUTH lead by the HOLY GHOST. We preach unto the masses World wide REPENTANCE come to Jesus Christ. We are preaching...


    Consuming Fire Global Ministries is presenting everyone around the Globe this new station spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ leading many Souls by the leading of the Holy Ghost to Salvation In Jesus Name.


    Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the Globe for the KINGDOM OF GOD.

  • His Holy Hip-Hop Radio

    His Holy Hi-Hop plays all of the independent artists music and will be interviewing the artist as well. Just call this number and ask for Evangelist ROCK and he will set you up when it is the best time for you all. Many Blessings to everyone In Jesus...

  • ASCENSION 360º - Navigating the New World Energies with Hillary Harris!

    The world has shifted! We have now rapidly moved into a new dimension and frequency of energies governed by very different rules. So… are you ready to dwell in this new way of living and being, in a higher state of consciousness where we must now see with new eyes and where Heart Wisdom reigns? Tune in as Hillary helps us to navigate these very intense and sometimes tricky New World energies, assisting in making and integrating this extraordinary transition with calm and ease, without fear and struggle while learning to speak the new language of the Heart. So, fasten your seat belts and prepare for life over the dimensional border in a new world and very new reality that is purely of the Fifth Dimension — with and on purpose, new eyes and hearts open!

  • DPR Spiritual Awakenings

    DPR Presents "Spiritual Awakenings with Drew Pillow" "The Psychic Show with Tracy Fance" & "Get Answers To Life's Questions with Barbara Grace Reynolds" The very best in spiritual talk radio - psychics - healers - mystics - life coaches & more... Catch u

  • All Things Christian with Dr. Jason Whitehurst

    Practical. Applicable. Engaging. Discussions about timely and relevant topics,from a Biblical worldview, that help you live a better life. All things considered. All Things Christian.

  • Leo Neto's Playlist

    Music For Your Mind

  • The Pastor Fury Podcast

    A podcast from a new pastor who loves Jesus, people, parenting, leadership, blogging, technology, social media, creativity, living in the freedom of his secure identity in Christ. Featuring discussions on worldly topics from a "not of this world" perspective.