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Genre: Video Games

  • The Gamery Podcast

    A few australian gamers give thoughts and commentary about gaming, technology, movies, tv shows and popular culture. With a few laughs thrown in for good measure.

  • Fragfest 360

    Weekly gaming podcast, debating current issues and looking back through the history of gaming at our fondest memories. Quiz/trivia segments, guests, giveaways. We will also be discussing our LAN parties in Kent, UK.

  • 1 More Podcastle

    2 Erics and a Jason on retro gaming.

  • Five Guys Mostly Lies

    Five Guys Mostly Lies is a podcast with five life long friends. Topics range from Video Games to Politics and more. Join us in the Debauchery!

  • Tactical Pause

    A show about a couple of friends getting together to discuss the week's gaming news

  • 2 Dudes and a NES

    We are two dudes who play retro Nintendo games. Each show will focus on one game. We will play the game leading up to the show and then discuss it during the show providing listeners with a little bit of history and stats of the game itself as well as our experiences with the game; both old and new. We two dudes will also compete with each other (whether it be high scores or speed runs) on each game and talk about that on the show.

  • Alpha Nerds Podcast

    They Nerd Out on Shit!

  • Mach 5 Geek News & Culture

    The Mach 5 Podcast is a show all about news that geeks like us geek out about. We discuss video games, movies, television, technology, gadgets and anything else that comes to mind. So if you're into fantasy, science fiction, comic books and video games...then you're probably going to like this show.