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Genre: Video Games

  • betterKIND GameCast

    Video Game news and discussion from the point of view of a fledging independent games developer. Join the fun and foray as we dissect the meaty goodness of electronic gaming!

  • We Are The Lolocaust

    Welcome To We Are The Lolocaust - The Internet's Premier Purveyor of Banter and Filth. Ingredients: Banter (80% prime cut), Video games, Movies, Nooze, App Talk, Current Affairs, Discussion and Sorbitol. **May contain trace elements of Masterchef.** We Are The Lolocaust, Providing the Internet with nothing of use since 2006. **Views Are Wholly Our Own**

  • The Jerk Circle

    A rotating roundtable of discussion with some hilarious twists and turns, The Jerk Circle covers a wide variety of topics. From news and politics to gaming and movies, there's a something for everyone in this circle.

  • Liquid Geek Show

    A liquid look at all things geek

  • Liquid Geek Show

    A liquid look at all things geek

  • The Mature Gamer Podcast

    Join Kev, Steve, Bouncy and Anna on their weekly chat about all things video gaming.

  • Pause Your Game

    Pause your Game Podcast is comprised of 3 fellow gamers who came to be via Guild Wars 2. Well all have been playing video games for a long time and each have our own distinct views on gaming in general. While we primarily are PC gamers that does not exclude us from playing and enjoying console games as well. Our podcast is focused first and foremost on having a good laugh, then talking about video games. Be it news in the industry, new games we are enjoying, or just complaining about why a boss is to hard.

  • Hopped-Up Gaming

    Join the Hopped-Up Gaming crew on our weekly podcast that encapsulates the things that run our life - liquor, video games, film, and popular culture.

  • Fantastic Neighborhood

    The Fantastic Neighborhood podcast is brought to you from the mouth holes of Fred and Jon, two dudes who stumbled upon some podcasting equipment when Fred got money back from his dentist, resulting from a botched root canal (true story). The show is for anyone who loves videogames, movies, comedy and swearing.

  • Rev VR Podcast

    Reverend Kyle discusses current Virtual Reality technology including the Oculus Rift