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  • TED Theme: Tales of Invention

    TED has always loved a good creation story. No matter the scale -- kitchen, continent, or solar system -- invention grants us access to the frontiers of our understanding. Legendary designer Philippe Starck's lively ruminations on his own creative process suggest how the patterns of a civilization might affect, say, the design of a citrus juicer. Jan Chipchase investigates the worldwide impact of mobile phones -- and the impact of culture on next-generation mobile technology. Explorer and adventurer Bill Stone, meanwhile, fires up a rapt audience with his ambitious plan to harvest energy from the moon. Copyright lawyer Larry Lessig gives a brief history of creative freedom and copyright, and talks about how contemporary copyright law could strangle future artistic invention and interpretation. William Kamkwamba tells how he built a windmill from scrap metal when he was 14 years old. And Amy Smith shares her transformative low-tech tools for saving life in the developing world.

  • TED Theme: What Makes Us Happy?

    "The Pursuit of Happiness" was 2004's conference theme, but TED speakers over many years have found themselves driven to understand the nature of happiness. Daniel Gilbert's astonishing talk shows how we humans are poor predictors of what will make us happy. Stefan Sagmeister shares how great design contributed to his happiest moments, suggesting that the secret may be attention to detail. And Malcolm Gladwell, tongue in cheek, explores what we might learn about the pursuit of happiness through one man's quest to make the perfect pasta sauce. But suppose we understand happiness. How, then, do we find it? Carl Honore says the key is, simply, to slow down. Pastor Rick Warren appeals for a life of spiritual purpose. And Barry Schwartz thinks a little less choice might do us all a lot of good.

  • TED Theme: A Greener Future?

    The environmental debate has traditionally been characterized as a conflict between economic progress and preservation of the planet. Most TED speakers, however, insist that we can have both -- provided we're smart about it. Al Gore, the world's leading voice on the climate crisis, argues that the simple steps we might take to avert disaster would also fuel the economy. Architect William McDonough shows how the power of great design -- working on entire systems rather than local components -- can foster an abundant, sustainable future. And Majora Carter discusses her work to bring green spaces to the blighted South Bronx. Edward Burtynsky's eerily pretty photographs of environmental damage and economic development document humanity's ever-expanding footprint. And biologist E.O. Wilson shares his grandest wish -- that the human community band together to save life on Earth.

  • Security Now!

    A weekly look at security issues with Steve Gibson of ShieldsUP!

  • Canon Blogger

    The musings of a Canonite - from photography to blogging, podcasting, and everything in between. Weekly videos on Photoshop techniques tips and tricks. During some downtime in photography shoots, I took some time to assemble a short tutorial on some of the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in lieu of clicking with your mouse or pen tool. It's quite simple, with each button having a letter dedicated to it, and you can toggle between the tools on the button by using the Shift key in conjunction with the associated button letter. Check out the video here: Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts (ETA: The audio quality of the video podcast was pretty bad for some reason, so I re-encoded it and the updated one should be up in an hour or so...thanks for the understanding.) I also put together a cheat sheet of all the keyboard letters used and the function associated with each usage of the Shift+letter combination. That can be downloaded directly via PDF here: KB Shortcut Cheat Sheet Any questions, comments, or feedback are appreciated - the "How do YOU learn?" poll is still going on, and I'd love to see some more responses there, so rock the vote and share your thoughts here. Thanks for stopping in and have a great rest of the weekend. I'll try to get a few shots from the lighting workshop up tomorrow. Until next time, Happy Shooting!Share This