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  • Anudder Cast

    The Official Podcast of And Anudder Ting!

  • 1 Rating

    Keith and the Girl

    Not held back by the FCC or anyone else, Keith and Chemda create hilarious talk shows 5 days a week along with a video podcast. Topics cover celebrity gossip, current news, pop culture and preventing robots from taking over the world.

  • Legal Aliens Podcast

    Two Brits and a Yank pontificate about life in the USA

  • Comedy Film Nerds Podcast

    Comedian/Filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini are the COMEDY FILM NERDS. We bring you all things comedy and film nerd related! Come listen to this week's podcast about the latest film releases.

  • 1 Rating

    FM4 Science Busters

    Die Welt der Physik mit Martin Puntigam, Prof. Heinz Oberhummer und Mag. Werner Gruber

  • 1 Rating

    Kabarett im WDR 2

    Jeden Tag um zehn vor elf bringt Ihnen WDR 2 ein kleines satirisches Intermezzo ins Haus. Montags reißt Wilfried Schmickler den Mund weit auf; was dabei herauskommt, das hat Qualität. Dienstags spinnt Volker Pispers mit Humor das Weltgeschehen weiter. Mittwochs kommentiert Fritz Eckenga aus der Sicht eines Fußballmanagers. Donnerstags denkt Dieter Nuhr über das Leben an sich und überhaupt nach. Freitags wird gefrühstückt mit Jürgen Becker & Didi Jünemann.

  • 4 Ratings

    Not Safe for Work

    Maintaining insanity one post at a time

  • 2 Ratings

    the Ramen Noodle

    Life is made up of experiences. Many of these experiences are positive and reinforcing, but many utterly fail to comedic proportions. We talk about the latter. You may not be a bachelor/ette anymore; you may not even be young anymore. But you’ll probably relate to our stories of stupid things we’ve done in the early days of independent life. Ever tried to cook rotten chicken? Yup, we’ve done that. Ever put dish soap in the dishwasher? Yup, we’ve done that, too. But we choose to laugh about life. So please join us for “seasoning packets of comedy to flavor your day” and realize that you’re not the only life-amateur!

  • Laugh or Go CRAZY!

    Inspirational Comedy Podcast. Spirituality and Laughter

  • 1 Rating

    Got Faded Japan

    The Got Faded Japan Podcast gives listeners a glimpse of the funny, interesting and sometimes bizarre side of Japan's news, culture, politics, parties, drinking spots, and all around mischief and mayhem. Hosted by Johnny and Shank. Kanpai!

  • The Captain and Casey Show

    Are you sick of corporate America trying to cram skateboarding into a cute little extreme box? Do you want to watch a skateboarding show that's hosted by people who actually skate? If so, the world's worst sportscasters are back and ready to titillate you with another season of the best and the worst the skateboard industry has to offer. The fourth season of the Captain and Casey Show brings new footage of skateboarding's most talented players, segments on up-and-comers and never-before-seen interviews with the photographers, cinematographers, and pros who are shaping today's skateboard industry.

  • Campus Cops

    Follow the antics of young University Cops. Originally aired in 1995

  • 4 Ratings

    Dream On

    Enter the world of a writer with an overactive imagination

  • 63 Ratings

    Family Guy

    Peter Griffin and friends provide hilarious animation comedy.