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  • Woman's Hour News and Politics

    Topical subjects in the news affecting women around the world from BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey present news, views, interviews and discussions from a female perspective. Woman's Hour brings you the big celebrity names and leading women in the news and subjects range widely from politics to health, law, education, arts, parenting, relationships, work, fiction, food and fashion. Woman's Hour is broadcast Monday to Friday on BBC Radio 4 from 10.00 - 11.00.The best of the week's programmes are on Weekend Woman's Hour on Saturdays at 16.00. Tell us what you think - text WOMAN to 63399 or visit

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    Washington Week Video Podcast | PBS

    Each week, the country's top reporters join moderator Gwen Ifill for an in-depth discussion of the week's top news from Washington and around the world. The longest-running news and public affairs program on PBS, "Washington Week" features journalists -- not pundits -- lending insight and perspective to the week's important news stories. This week Gwen will be broadcasting from Minnesota, site of the 2008 Republican National Convention. She'll preview next week's convention and have analysis on the state of Campaign '08.

  • Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden - Video-Podcast

    Der Tagesschau-Nachrichtenüberblick in 100 Sekunden als Video-Podcast. Der aktuelle Tagesschau-Nachrichtenüberblick in 100 Sekunden von 09 Uhr vom 23.09.2008

  • ORF Radio Steiermark - Journal um 17.30 Uhr

    Wir bieten Ihnen das Radio Steiermark-Journal um 17.30 Uhr schon 15 Minuten später als Podcast an - der ausführlichste Tagesüberblick des Landes. mit Barbara Pölki

  • euromaxx Highlights | Video Podcast | Deutsche Welle

    "euromaxx" ist das tägliche Magazin auf DW-TV. Hier finden Sie jede Woche die Highlights der Sendung zum Thema Leben und Kultur in Europa. Starke Bilder - interessanten Geschichten - Europa in all seiner Vielfalt und Faszination!

  • Europa Aktuell: Das Magazin aus Brüssel

    Europa Aktuell zeigt, was in Europa passiert: politisch, gesellschaftlich, kulturell. Europa Aktuell zeigt das Zusammenwachsen Europas und die Konflikte. Europa Aktuell zeigt, was die Europäer bewegt und wie sie Europa bewegen.

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    Quadriga: Der internationale Talk

    Der internationale Talk. Vier kompetente Journalisten diskutieren das internationale Thema der Woche. Aus Politik, Wirtschaft oder Kultur.

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    European Journal: The Magazine from Brussels

    European Journal is a 30 minute magazine on DW-TV that delivers the inside take – reports on important political, economic and cultural developments in the EU with a strong focus on the European integration process. European Journal features issues that move Europeans and shows Europeans on the move.

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    Quadriga: The International Talk Show

    DW-TV´s international talk show with four journalists discussing the week´s top international issue.

  • حوار حول القضايا العالمية

    َQuadriga منبر الحوار الرباعي الأسبوعي والذي يستضيف ثلاثة صحفيين أو خبراء يعالجون مع مقدم البرنامج أحد مواضيع الساعة في عالم السياسة أو الاقتصاد أو الثقافة.