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  • Weekend Travel Show

    Every week host Doug Parker sits down with notable travel experts to get the latest scoop on airlines, cruise lines, hotels, destinations, reviews and travel tips to make you one smart traveler.

  • This Week in Costa Rica

    On the ground accounts of living and working as expatriates in Costa Rica

  • Smoky Mountains Radio

    News and information about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park including hiking trails, backpacking, and gear. We also cover the surrounding areas including Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Townsend, and Cherokee.

  • Magic Our Way

    A New Orleans-based Disney podcast.

  • Total Tuscany

    Total Tuscany is a weekly podcast dedicated to all things Tuscan. From travel to art, history, culture, food, wine and more. Travis Justice and Pat Campagna are engaged and entertaining host who share their passion for all things Tuscan and all things Italian.

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    The Rest of Everest Video Podcast (iPod/AppleTV)

    Tibet, and coincides with the 50th anniversary climbing season. The story revolves around 23-year old climber Ben Clark and the fulfillment of his dream to become one of the youngest climbers to ever summit Everest. Although the film has been very well received, there's just so much of the story left to be told. Miller returned from Everest with over 80 hours of tape from the 60 day expedition. The final cut of the film totaled just 84 minutes. Average that out and it appears that only one minute of every hour filmed made it into the finished version. Jon will regularly be editing sections of footage together and then watching them with Ben and other people involved with the expedition. He'll be recording their commentary to the footage so you can get all of the stories right from the people who experienced it first-hand. It won't always be exciting and there will be a lot of bad hair days, but it will be true to the expedition experience and it will always be interesting and entertaining. Episode 047 Onward & Upward The Summit Push Begins. I tried and tried to get in touch via radio with Ben today, with no luck. As far as I know, the guys are heading up to 7900 meters today. This is all very disconcerting for me. I know that I can't really do anything to help them, but I'd just really like to know where they are on the mountain. It's truly ironic that we have all of this technology here at Base Camp. I mean, we've got state-of-the-art satellite communication gear and all it is good for is getting in contact with ANYONE but Ben, Lhawang and Lhakpa! I can easily call my wife back in Colorado--the other side of the planet--but I can't get in touch with Ben who's no more than 8 miles away as the crow flies. Crazy. Base Camp is actually pretty empty right now as everyone is up higher trying to take advantage of the weather window that is supposedly about to open up. I don't know. It still looks pretty windy up there but I guess time is running out. The great monsoon is heading our way from India and when it arrives: Game over. Apparently Base Camp will be under 6 feet of snow then. For the past couple of weeks the atmosphere here has been pretty casual. In a way, it's felt kind of like summer camp back when I was a kid. Of course, now that the summit push is on it's like summer camp where all of the campers might die. Jon Miller Total Running Time: 28:39

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    Mobile Broadcast News blogs

    Mobile Broadcast News is a collectively run distribution outlet for independent mobile news gathers. Producers are selected from the pool of media makers who independently travel the globe while producing newsworthy media in print, photo, audio or video. If you are a traveling media maker and would like to distribute your content here, just let us know.

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    View from the Blue

    Channel of underwater videos

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    Reuters QuickCut is a video snapshot of the most compelling images from around the world.

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    UK Driving School Podcast

    UK driving school, tips, advice and videos to help you pass the UK driving test and a london driving instructor's blog.