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  • Podcast: Mobile or Hosted, Why All Custom Software Must Be Built Like a Product Now?

    " Historically, companies found and maintained success by excelling in the core skills of their industry. This trend is dramatically changing. The best companies in every industry now find a common thread in excellence - software. Now you add mobile devices to this new product orientation, you have a whole new set of challenges that IT shops must overcome to stay competitive. Software has always been changing how organizations do business internally, but the game-changing phenomenon that is now taking place is that these same organizations now interact with suppliers, partners, and most importantly, their customers, using software - not just packaged software but their own, proprietary software as well. Because of this, even if you are not a software company, you may find that you need to think like one! Your internal IT applications need to be designed using many of the same engineering concepts as those used to build software products: Creating a scalable architecture and a long-term product roadmap Doing careful release planning Leveraging agile development methodologies and Using the latest build and testing tools to shorten the total delivery cycle. Listen to OFS’ CEO, Rich Napoli as he presents his research and experience working with decision makers from multiple industries to help them to build their software to meet today's global needs. Know More: info.objectfrontier.com/podcast-custo…a-product-now

  • Socialite Podcast

    This is Socialite's Podcast - bringing you interviews of current and interesting people. You can find more information here: www.socialite.nu

  • The North Bay Startup Show

    Our tagline here at North Bay Startup is Scalable Businesses, Sustainable Communities. We believe that it’s possible to stay local and build business that scale, while giving back to the community and being part of an awareness that profit doesn’t need to come at the expense of the planet. We will be featuring guests on a regular basis who are building new business and products here in the Sonoma / Marin county area, as well as interviewing people in the technology, creative, marketing, education, and political sectors who are making a difference in the local startup ecosystem.

  • RiverinaIM Podcast: Marketing | Branding | Podcasting

    A small business marketing show for business owners that want to know what reallly works. Social media, Podcasting, branding, list building, online marketing, referrals and much more...

  • Entrepreneur Showdown

    The Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast is a place where Joe Cassandra and Dan Franks go head to head each week debating the hottest topics in entrepreneurship.

  • The Cannabis Entrepreneur Show

    Interviewing Green Rush Entrepreneurs of the Legal Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, and Medical Marijuana Industries

  • Dialed In For Success

    All of us have dreams of living a life of freedom. Freedom to do what we want, when we want with who we want. But many are giving up on their dreams before they’re realized. This podcast is designed to revitalize your dream by taking daily action toward your goals. We focus on sharing tips, advice and resources to help you become more successful both online and off.

  • How did you get into sales? Women in Sales Podcast

    In this Women in Sales Podcast, Jodi Bagwell, President and CEO of Juvo facilitates a panel discussion with a group of Verizon Wireless sales leaders. Her question: How did you get into sales?

  • Digital Marketing Insider

    Digital Marketing Insider is produced by ROARlocal, a cutting edge marketing agency specialising in digital marketing strategy and implementation, online business marketing.

  • GFGI Podcast

    The GFGI Podcast is the no B.S. show that dives deep into what really works in the real world of business and life, and will tell you exactly what you need to to achieve the life and business of your dreams.