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  • The Project Mayhem Sessions

    Weekly EDM show featuring mixes from Project Mayhem and various guest DJs. Project Mayhem is a DJ duo from Southern California. They play a wide range of electronic music spanning several genres making each week unique. Subscribe today to hear the hottest new dance tracks mixed along with some underground gems.

  • The Tuesday Teardown

    With Jayslow and Jason

  • Clambake - Word Famous Podcast

    A Podcast & social media entertainment venture created by two friends that decided to voice their opinions about life and whatever else that strikes their fancy. Maybe you'll be entertained

  • Hadron Gospel Hour

    A rollicking sci-fi audio adventure and with sketches and new music, Hadron Gospel Hour blends Old Time Radio comedy and drama with modern comedic attitude. Written by Richard Wentworth and Michael McQuilkin, Hadron Gospel Hour follows the adventures of the self-obsessed Dr. “Oppenheimer” Valdini (Richard Wentworth), chief scientist at Project Liquid Paperclip. During his experiments, Oppenheimer unwittingly tears a rift in the fabric of spacetime, remaking our world, and the parallel timelines of the multiverse, into a chaos of alternate realities! Driven to the edge of madness, Oppenheimer kidnaps Mike Wilkinson (Mike McQuilkin), IT guy by day and indie filmmaker by night, to help him in his insane quest. Along with a cast of oddballs in the Lab, Oppenheimer and Mike attempt to heal the rift and restore order to the multiverse, the only way they know how… by hosting a podcast!

  • Weapons of Mass Dancing! The Official Podcast of DJ Quicktrackz

    DJ Quicktrackz brings you his bi weekly Podcast of EDM / Electro House / Trap / Dirty Dutch / Trance & Remixes. Weapons of Mass Dancing! is a festival lovers favorite podcast. If you like the performances around the world at festivals such as Ultra, Sensation, Creamfields, Tomorrow Land, Electric Daisy Carnival, ect. You'll LOVE This New Podcast! DJ Quicktrackz shares his greatest tunes, along with all your favorite festival bangers in a nice 60min dose, 2 x a month.

  • Disco Players Album Review

    Weekly Album Review Show dedicated to Electronic Music Albums with Tony N & Roy Jumbo

  • Decibel Geek Podcast

    Weekly rock and metal music and discussion show that focuses on historical rock facts, stories, in-depth discussions with rock legends, and other assorted themes. If you love classic rock and metal and also want to discover new acts that have that same spirit, you'll love this show!

  • STEP

    Based on Detroit's first weekly D&B club night of the same name. Deejays and electronic music producers exploring the broken beats of Drum & Bass, Jungle and other variations while sharing insight, commentary, news, exclusive mixes and live performances.

  • The Black Box Podcast

    The Black Box is a two-time Parsec Nominated podcast that has comics, music and pop-culture media reviews, round table discussions & interviews with creators from all types of mediums. Tangents & comedy sometimes ensue. It is also home to Donny Salvo's Tales From The Attic and Jon Carroll's Carroll Chronicles.

  • bass3sixty

    "Watch ya bass bins, i'm tellin ya!" Bringing you the freshest bass music from across the genres. Hosted by DJ's Troy and Scunt every month.