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  • Strobelite Honey Sessions

    Strobelite Honey Sessions is a bi-monthly podcast consisting of an underground musical fusion of Tribal, Progressive, Tech, Soulful, and DeepHouse blended by the DJ/production duo Latin Headhuntrz. For info and more episodes, go to www.strobelitehoney.com

  • Sounds from the Loft

    Vocal, techy, soulful house from the past and present.


    Uplifting & Euphoric Dance Music to Move More Than Just Your Feet DJ Dougmc loves uplifting dance music which covers quite a few genres, from vocal house or "handbag" anthems which is his favourite style through to progressive house & trance and uplifting vocal trance. But he also enjoys other types of music and loves to vary things up a bit, and also enjoys sexy, jazzy, funky tribal house. Cracking 200,000 downloads in iTunes in the past 10 months, DJ Dougmc is guest on Brisbane's Queer Radio and in the next coming weeks can be found on World FM Dance Radio.

  • Straight Outta LoCash

    A podcast that infuses music, comedy, and discussing everything from politics to relationships. Featuring writer Darryl Frierson, comedian Jovan Bibbs, and DJ Reminise

  • Head Radio

    Head Radio is a semimonthly podcast recorded by two disgruntled D.J.s somewhere in the North of England. Bored with the current state of music and radio broadcasting in general, we wanted to record short 90 minute radio shows which can be downloaded, stored on your phone or iPod and listened to at your own convenience. The show reflects our love of music, which although has strong roots in the history of dance music, encompasses most genres to bring you lost treasures and unheard classics from around the globe.

  • Drifts

    Every week on Drifts, we delve into the stranger side of electronic pop – the stuff that makes your ears tingle, your mind wander, and your heart race. Listen to the show live on the radio every Friday night at 10 PM US Eastern Time, or download the weekly podcast here on Miro.

  • Music for Chill Out

    Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, World Music, Techno, Electronic, Dub, Idm, Dubstep, Bass, Abstract HipHop, Psytrance , and much more .... Imagine eating masala dosa while sipping a mojito on a snow-capped beach as George Clinton dances wildly to the sound of Miles Davis and Robert Johnson jamming away… MASTER MARGHERITA can take you there and show you around!

  • Liam Shachar 'Elevations'

    Liam Shachar 'Elevations' Official Podcast

  • Expansion

    DJ Dez brings you Expansion. Featuring Trance & House mixes. From classic tracks to the present, they will all be a part of Expansion.

  • The Combat Jack Show

    Rated the #1 hip-hop podcast by Complex, The Combat Jack Show features in-depth interviews with icons of hip-hop culture and hilarious conversations about music culture, race and current events. Hosted by legendary hip-hop attorney Reggie "Combat Jack" Ossé alongside “Internet Celebrity” Dallas Penn and iconic producer Just Blaze, the show is what Ebony calls "a must-listen show for the internet generation." Push play to hear riveting talk with rap heavyweights like RZA, Big Boi, DJ Premiere or Fabolous, social commentary from Toure or Elliot Wilson, a random drop in from Artie Lange or even a group therapy session with the show’s admittedly dysfunctional cast. Join the "Fuckyberg Family" to out why Big Boi compared the show to "hanging out at a BBQ with my boys" and Redman called his visit to TCJS "the best interview I've done since '93".