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Genre: Religion & Spirituality

  • The Deeper Meditation Podcast (MP3 Feed)

    This ain't your average meditation podcast. Learn to meditate your way as a unique individual and learn how to make meditation much much easier. You'll get guided meditation techniques and top notch instruction designed for busy and non-busy people from all backgrounds and paths. Hosted by Tom Von Deck, author of Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course. This is the MP3 version of the podcast.

  • The Morning Meditation

    A daily devotinal meditation to help you in your daily efforts to walk closer with the Lord.

  • Wonder Lust

    Recorded Live and Uncensored! Listen to our lively debate, as we discuss the absurdity of the human condition! From social issues to life's biggest existential questions, no topic is too big to tackle.

  • The Psychic Show with Tracy Fance

    An interactive talk radio show aimed at discussing the psychic & spiritual. We will be offering free live readings with Tracy Fance Clairvoyant-Medium, the opportunity to interact with Tracy & her special guests, plus listen in to talks on a range of interesting subjects

  • Water For Shepherds

    Words of Encouragement for Spiritual Leaders

  • God. Money. Sex.

    We talk about God, Money, and Sex. Each week we have a different theme and we discuss that theme from those three perspectives. www.godmoneysex.com

  • Feeding With Love

    Spiritual Food For the Hungry Feeding With Love is a ministry that focuses on feeding both the physical and spiritual man. There are people out there that God desires to reach and we are doing our part in His Kingdom to make an impact on lives, in Jesus name. visit us @ www.FeedingWithLove.org

  • Transformation and Empowerment

    How to transform Your Life & Overcome Negative Thought Patterns through Gratitude: My name is Mike Pettigrew and I help people who are struggling in life to become happy, vibrant and empowered; so that they can live lives of abundance and fulfillment. Several years ago, after many successes in business I lost everything. I reached the point where I wasn’t even able to feed my wife or my son who had just been born. This was an incredibly frightening and painful time in my life, but it taught me several very important lessons; like how our minds and our emotions actually create what happens to us, and how we can use them to transform any situation. I transformed my awful circumstances and so can you with the help of my videos and by using the techniques that I share.

  • Bethel Missionary Church

    Welcome, enjoy listening to our sermons.


    It is time to get off our blessed assurances an spread the truth of the Gospel of Christ to the people. REPENT OF YOUR SINS now because Jesus LOVES you and DIED for you so that you can REPENT and truly turn your will an life over to Him Total Surrender i