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Genre: Sexuality

  • Very Adult Story Time Stories To Masturbate With

    Very Adult Story Time with The Voice 666 of Niteflirt Fame. Very Adult Story Time is a show for people to masturbate to. Each episode features 2 stories from The Voice. Our core listeners are people into sissies, forced womanhood, forced bi and more.

  • TakeMyAdviceOrNot

    Get ready for the Hottest Lifestyle Show on the web. Listen Every Wednesday at 8pm EST. to MsAngelEyes "The Consulting Chick", GoldReallas Will & Lady Mojo discuss topics about Sex, Love, Relationships, Hot Topics & Adult Entertainment.

  • Ex is Forever Podcast

    What is love? Martin Luther King Jr. thought love is the most durable power in the world. Bruce Lee suggested love is like a friendship caught on fire. Some say love conquers all. Other say love is forever. We have no clue what love is. What we do know is love creates ex's: ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives, "ex"-cetera. Love is the Charles Francis Xavier of generations of ex-men and ex-women. And this show, is about them. Game on.

  • Erotic Voices

    Erotica to heat up your headphones.

  • Hecticism

    Listener discretion advised! Hecticism is a podcast hosted by Philadelphia-based entertainers Resse Fife-Tillery and Rose "BIL" El. The podcast includes discussions about sex, drugs, politics and everything in between from a street standpoint.

  • Trev

    Join Trev every week as he discusses the news you should be getting, offers humorous anecdotes from his life, and interviews the most interesting people from his world. This is "Trev" - Gay doesn't mean happy.