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  • drive it!: The Motor Magazine

    design also gives the car’s proportions a sportier look, while in the cockpit a high-tech multimedia package plants the car firmly in the future. The latest A4 hits the road with a portfolio of communications and entertainment technology that leaves even luxury class cars looking pale in comparison. compare it! - VW Polo Bluemotion vs. Ford Fiesta 1,6 TDCi Compacts are popular with people concerned about environmental issues, but not everyone who is worried about their carbon footprint wants to get rid of all the creature comforts, or that leap of response when they hit the gas. Today’s test looks at whether two stars of the economy class really live up to manufacturer promises. How environmentally friendly is the Polo Bluemotion really? Is the Ford Fiesta a viable alternative? Which of the two cars made the greater sacrifices in terms of power and comfort? Our test also takes a close look at the honesty of carmaker claims when they’re trying to push the latest low-carbon model. inside it! - Opel Antara FlexFix Biking is in. Whether you want to do some sightseeing in the city, hit the paths along a river in the country, or go mountain biking over rough terrain, it’s always good to have a two-wheeler along when you take a vacation in your four-wheeler. But what’s the best way to transport it? The new Flex-Fix system integrated into the Opel Antara has now made taking your bicycle along easier than ever before. Mounting a bike rack can be a laborious and exhausting process, but the Flex-Fix is a snap. When not in use, the two-bike rack slides into a nearly invisible ‘drawer’ unit built into the rear bumper. The new extra is a smart detail that should help the Antara hold its ground in the hotly-contested SUV and crossover class. admire it! - Mercedes C63 AMG The latest C63 AMG is the fifth generation of Mercedes AMG C-class cars to hit the road. The styling typical of the AMG helps give the C63 a distinctly different look compared to its C-class brothers and sisters. A swelling hood and chromed double-exhaust pipes help underline the sporty image. The C63 is also driven by a huge 6.3 liter V8 engine harnessing 457 horsepower. For those who like to almost leave the ground when they hit the gas, cars like this are pure joy – the C63 rockets to a hundred kilometers an hour from a standstill in just 4.5 seconds. picture it! - Climate protection - CO2 emissions per passenger In terms of emissions, what’s the most economical way to travel from Stuttgart to Berlin? Questions like these affect holidaymakers as well as business travelers. The alternatives are limited: planes, trains or automobiles. Finding out which of the three means of transport really has the least negative impact on the environment is not easy, but we gave it our best shot. taste it! - Chevrolet HHR A Chevrolet is an "American car". The GM subsidiary is finding it hard to shake that image in Europe, in spite of the fact that it has been offering exclusively European models since 2005. Chevrolet’s latest attempt at making a splash once again has a distinct American look. At just under four and a half meters, the Chevy HHR is a compact class car that looks a lot bigger than it is. It’s design, with nearly vertical sides and rear, is based on the legendary 1949 Chevrolet Suburban. A wide hood with a semicircular radiator grille and distinctive fenders complete the HHR’s retro look.

  • Horse Girl TV: Horses For Wired Equine Enthusiasts

    Horse Girl is by an equestrian for equestrians and horse enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. HorseGirlTV plugs the classic equine world into the wired generation. The show is hosted by Angelea Kelly Walkup. Washington DC is many things... the hub of our nations politics, a melting pot of individuals, a history rich area but it also is THE city with the most horse statues in our entire country. Come along for the tour of several of our favorites!

  • Sportsweek

    Garry Richardson interviews the biggest names in sport. Sony award-winning sports journalism from BBC Radio 5 Live. Broadcast live on Sundays at 9am. Garry Richardson reviews the Premier League season with Chief Executive Richard Scudamore. You'll hear from Steve Coppell and Alex Mcliesh as Reading and Birmingham bid to avoid relegation. Dave Jones and Harry Redknapp give an early preview to next week's FA Cup Final at Wembley. Also there's Paula Radcliffe on her preparations for the Beijing Olympics and the ECB's National Selector Geoff Miller announces the England squad for this week's first test against New Zealand.

  • V8 Insiders

    V8 Supercars only weekly podcast Clarke/West Wrap and Dale Ernhardt Pt1(Running Time 57:57)

  • Video - Patriots Today

    Browse, download, and subscribe to official podcasts produced by and about the New England Patriots. Patriots podcasts include all the interviews, feature segments, and shows that keep you in touch with the team. For more information about Patriots official podcasts, visit Patriots.com. On this edition of Patriots Today... It's all about Matt Cassel today when the starting QB and California native shares his thoughts on the Patriots in week 5. The teams gearing up, not only for the 49ers, but also for a week long stay on the West Coast. Find out what the quarterback has in store for his teammates as the leader of the pack. Plus, Brian Lowe's got some fantasy football tips to get your team to the top of your league in the Fantasy Lowe Down. He'll tell you who to start, who to sit, and who to watch out for in week 5. All that and more, right now, on Patriots Today!

  • Yoga Practice Video - Yoga Vidya

    Yoga classes, Yoga relaxation techniques, Asanas, breathing exercises for daily life. Gives you new energy, relaxation and recharges you from within. Produced by Yoga Vidya, Europe's leading Yoga organisation. New Energy and Relaxation with this 10 minutes Beginner's Yoga Class. Sun salutation, shoulderstand, fish, forward bend, cobra, relaxation. Suited for daily practice for anybody who is either in good physical shape or has some previous knowledge about Yoga. Presented by Sukadev and Lisa of Yoga Vidya, www.en.yoga-vidya.org

  • K&N Videos

    Racing and product videos featuring K&N sponsored drifting, NASCAR, NHRA drag racing, rock climbing, powerboat, and other motorsports/motorcycle race teams. Videos include interviews with team owners, drivers, and crew about their success and what is important in meeting their goals. Technical videos covering testing, installation and performance gains of K&N automotive and motorcycle air filters and air intakes are also available.

  • The Game

    TheGame Podcast is a weekly must listen football podcast from Times Online

  • Skuff TV - Skate

    Skuff TV's Skate podcast, featuring the best, underground Skate content we can get our hands on. www.skuff.tv It was all hands on deck for Red Bull Battleship, a head to head team skateboarding tournament set on the historic WWII USS North Carolina. Eight southeast skate shops looked to capsize the competition, but it was Westside Skate Shop whose three man team, Brent Sowinsky, TJ Sparks and Willy Kane, avoided being sunk throughout the double elimination rounds. In the final battle, they faced off with their hometown rival, Skatepark of Tampa, to narrowly edge them out and take the first ever Red Bull Battleship title.

  • HD

    Driving Sports Extra! HD

    From the newest cars to the hottest events, Driving Sports TV's Extra! is your connection to the fast-moving automotive world. A new episode every week! Produced and written by automotive journalist Ryan Douthit and featuring Aaron Bartel. Driving Sports has confirmed that Ken Block will driving for Ford in 2010 in both the Rally America Series and the World Rally Championship! Plus, we talk with Pastrana before he makes his big New Year's jump and check out the MINI Beachcomber, a modern v

  • Barrett-Jackson Life On The Block

    A series of four one-hour specials in which cameras follow Craig Jackson, Steve Davis and various consigners and bidders behind-the scenes, before, during, and after the 2005 Scottsdale Auction.

  • ClubWPT.com

    Based on WPT’s online subscription and sweepstakes-based poker and blackjack offering, the ClubWPT.com TV show features six amateur players from around the US and Canada competing each week for their shot at cash prizes and poker stardom. Rather than putting up large buy-ins and playing in multi-day tournaments against seasoned pros, these players earn their seat on the show by playing in specially-designated “TV tournaments,” which run six nights per week at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST on www.ClubWPT.com. These online TV tournaments provide its members with virtually unlimited opportunities to win their way onto the ClubWPT.com TV show.

  • Cha$e

    Cha$e is an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat reality-competition show that pits a group of contestants against each other in the quest for cash prizes, while being stalked by relentless "hunters." The action takes place in real time over 60 minutes throughout various Los Angeles landmark locations including San Pedro Harbor, Universal Theme Park and Descanso Gardens. As the clock counts down, the competition gets harder as more hunters appear on the "game board," the perimeter changes, and tasks are assigned that test fraying nerves. Contestants earn money for every second they "stay alive." If they are overrun by a hunter, they lose everything. Once the exit point is revealed, the first person to find the location wins up to $50,000. Cha$e is executive-produced by Rick Telles for Buena Vista Productions, Realand Productions and Fujisanke. Telles was the co-executive producer on Who Wants to Be a Superhero? for SCI FI and producer on MTV's Fear. Allison Chase Coleman serves as co-executive producer, and was recently the supervising producer on The Amazing Race.