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    Every week Tom and Leo talk to the smartest people in the world about the most important topics in technology.

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    Techno Buffalo

    TechnoBuffalo isn't just a rehash of information from other websites- instead it provides tech reviews and insight from the best and brightest editors in the tech review space.

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    The Philip DeFranco Show [HD]

    I am Philip DeFranco. My home world of Gallifrey was time locked and now I kind of just waste time sharing cool stuff with people.

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    Lord, Send Me

    In the podcast "Lord, Send Me!," Fr John Parker shares his thoughts and reflections on Evangelization - sharing the Good News - in North America. He encourages all listeners to share Isaiah’s bold humility to bear witness to the work of the One True God in their lives in word and in deed.

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    Dr. Bill.TV - Video Netcast

    Tech Tips, Tech News, the Web and other various musings from Dr. Bill Bailey at Dr. Bill Bailey.NET. Join Dr. Bill as he makes pointed, funny, and sometimes, controversial observations on Tech Life.

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    Bible Prophecy Revealed

    Have you ever wondered what the book of Revelation was all about? This video series may give you some additional insights into understanding the book of Revelation.

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    Faith & Victory Church Service Videos

    Faith and Victory Church is a friendly, family church in Greensboro, NC that proclaims the uncompromising Word of Faith. We teach the Word, and flow in the Spirit! Join us for our Service Videos!

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    Mininova - Featured Legal Torrents

    Latest Mininova torrents - Fully Legal and Open Torrents

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    Clearbits - Legal Torrents

    All Creative Common licensed Legal content

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    Each week Variant covers everything about comics including graphic novels, movies, tv, cons and games. From hardcore fans to those just picking up their first comic book, Variant will inform and entertain!