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  • Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast

    Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast offers 2-3 minute weekly online Pilates training videos as well as longer workouts which provide tips anyone can use to get the most out of Pilates exercises. For fitness enthusiasts and infrequent exercisers alike, the Pilates instruction teaches how to perform Pilates exercises with proper technique and form to achieve greater core strength, flatter abdominals and more toned muscles. You will lose weight, improve your posture and have fun! Pilates on Fifth is a New York City fitness studio providing Pilates, GYROTONIC® and CARDIOLATES® to dancers, actors, athletes, models and corporate executives throughout Manhattan! Visit www.PilatesOnFifth.com for more information. The Long Plank Series strengthens your core and makes your push ups better! This is an important exercise for developing the ab strength needed to protect the lower back in all exercises, especially those that can strain the back if not careful. Adding leg lifts further challenges core strength, so be careful not to progress faster than your strength allows! Visit www.PilatesOnFifth.com to learn more about Pilates.

  • Photoshop For Digital Photographers

    Quick tips and time saving techniques for today?s digital photographer. Adobe Photoshop is an extremely comprehensive graphics design and image editing program. So much so that it tends to dissuade photographers from using it. Well fear no more, this podcast gives today?s digital photographers the details and knowledge on how to simply and effectively use Photoshop in their everyday workflow without having to learn the entire Photoshop application. Speed up your workflow and immediately produce captivating images that everyone is sure to appreciate. Brought to you by The Digital Photography Connection. Fixing areas where parts of your image are over exposed or blown out is easy in Photoshop. Sometimes as photographers we are forced to taking images in less than optimal lighting conditions. But do not fear, we can fix these tricking lighting conditions in Photoshop.

  • commandN MPEG4

    commandN is a weekly tech news video show with hosts/producers Amber MacArthur, Brian McKechnie and Jeff MacArthur.

  • Ricky Gervais Podcast

    A new, free and irregular foray into video podcasting by Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Karl is still hard at work colouring in when Ricky pops in.

  • GameTrailers.com - Nintendo Wii Spotlight

    All the Wii content you can handle.

  • EuroNews - No Comment

    Images speak for themselves: the most striking pictures from around the world, unedited, with original sound: draw your own conclusion

  • Ubuntu UK Podcast - (MP3 feed)

    The Ubuntu UK Podcast is a bi-weekly family-friendly audio show. We feature interviews, discussion and news from around the Ubuntu world, with a UK perspective. Our show is available in various formats including high and low quality MP3 and OGG, and is also available on iTunes.

  • HD

    IRrelevant Astronomy HD

    It's Infrared-relevant Astronomy! This vodcast features several different shows produced by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Beautiful space images, CG animation, and eye-popping IR visuals! Formatted in 720p (also available in standard definition).

  • EuroNews - No Comment

    Images speak for themselves: the most striking pictures from around the world, unedited, with original sound: draw your own conclusion

  • NBC Meet the Press

    Watch interviews with newsmakers from around the world every Sunday morning. This video podcast, published each Sunday by MSNBC.com, brings you each show in its entirety. For more from "Meet the Press" visit http://mtp.msnbc.com